Cat disease: how to relieve the condition of the animal?


Everyone who lives in the housea four-legged pet, probably knows how annoying and sad it is when an animal is sick. Of course, that the owner wants to do everything in order that the cat's ailment passed as soon as possible. After all, for many owners of their Murki and Barsiki - not just animals, but members of their families, spoiled and beloved children.

cat disease

Call for help

If your pet is sick, first examine itindependently and assess the condition of the animal. Decide whether you need qualified help from a veterinarian or while you can do on your own. Of course, it is better to show the affected animal to the doctor, since similar symptoms can then lead to a different cat disease than you thought.

Care of the patient

Remember yourself during the illness, your sensation andstate. The same is experienced by the animal. A cat's illness is a good reason to take care of her peace. Limit all fluffy patient's contacts with other animals, do not let the children pull at it, try to play with it. You can put a pussy in the transport or some kind of box, if she herself refuses to be isolated. Full rest will speed recovery, but make sure that the cat is not in the draft or near the heating devices, and the lighting is diffused and muffled.

diseases of ears in cats

Taking medication

A rare cat disease does without an appointment andreception of medicines. Unlike dogs, cats usually refuse such treatment, therefore it is necessary to feed them with syrups and tablets violently. The liquid can be poured into the mouth with a small syringe or syringe without a needle, and the tablet is placed as deeply as possible on the root of the tongue. Hold the animal until it swallows. To speed up the swallowing process, you can stroke the cat down the throat with downward movements. In the event that the cat's disease has not affected her appetite, mix the crushed tablet with a small amount of food especially attractive for the animal. If the cat refuses to eat, before giving her medicines, you must force her to feed a little. Good for this suitable raw yolk, you can enter it as well as liquid preparations. Taking medication on an empty stomach can ruin the work of the digestive tract.

No need for false pity

If the cat's disease for successful treatment requirescarrying out unpleasant manipulations, do not "pity" the pet, independently canceling the appointment. Enema, injections - all this is done to improve the condition of a four-legged patient, and not to cause him anguish. For example, ear infections in cats sometimes require injections of antibiotics, instillation of drops into the ear canal and other "pleasures", but without this recovery is impossible. If you can inject intramuscular injections, then you can manipulate personally, if not, do not throw the animal during injections. Your presence will reassure him.

cats sickness vomiting


During a malaise the pussy can become capricious,irritable, forgive her that. Mood swings, refusal to communicate, delicious and beloved food - all this is the consequence of the disease of cats. Vomiting, diarrhea often accompany poisoning, do not scold the animal for violating purity.

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