Gel for intimate hygiene, which is better?


In connection with the development of the cosmetic industry,In our time there is a large selection of products that are designed to care for any areas of the body. Many women no longer use soap when caring for intimate parts of the body, more and more people use a gel for intimate hygiene.

Already in ancient times people understood the importance of contentTheir intimate places are clean and have paid great attention to this issue. A modern woman has a large selection of such products, and the gel for intimate hygiene comes first. These products help not only to keep the intimate places clean and not to cause the appearance of an unpleasant smell, but also to preserve women's health.

Due to the fact that the normal pH level inthe woman's vagina 3,3, the usual soap and gel gradually lead to the destruction of microflora, so the best means for intimate hygiene is, of course, cream-gel. Lactic acid is included in such products, which helps to keep the optimal ratio of acid and alkali in the woman's vagina. Also in its composition, the gel for intimate hygiene has various additives that can remove and soothe irritations, for example, triclosan or tea tree oil, marigold extract, aloe vera, chamomile or any vegetable oil.

Among the most loved and common in women of means for intimate hygiene, it is necessary to allocate such:

Gel "Lactacid"

This is a special tool that is designed forcare for intimate places and does not have soap in its composition. "Lactacid" does not cause irritation, it contains enough lactic acid to maintain an optimal balance in the woman's vagina.

Regular use of this product helps to cope with the irritation that may arise due to the use of deodorants, wearing synthetic underwear and other reasons.

This cosmetic product can also be used by pregnant women.

Gel for intimate hygiene from the company "Oriflame"

A well-known company produces a gel"Feminel", which is designed for hygiene of intimate places. This product also helps to maintain the necessary pH balance, it is hypoallergenic and does not contain soap.

The composition of this remedy includes extracts of chamomile, as well as aloe vera, natural antiseptics, which allows you to protect women's intimate zones from various infections.

Gel from the company "Carefree"

The decree means also has excellentproperties, it contains a natural extract of aloe vera, which allows it to soften the skin well. This product is intended for the care of delicate and sensitive areas of the body. It also does not have soap, and its formula helps maintain the required acid-base balance, so it can be applied on a daily basis.

Gel for intimate hygiene "Epigen"

The composition of this cosmetic product isnatural licorice root extract naked. It does not use dyes, so it can be used during pregnancy and on critical days. It is especially recommended to use this gel after sports, swimming pool or intimacy. Also gel "Epigen" is used as a preventive tool to prevent the emergence of infectious diseases, during critical days, this remedy can be used several times a day.

Gel for intimate hygiene from the company "Nivea"

The company has developed a whole line of funds forThe name "Nivea Intimo", which is designed to care for the most intimate places. This gel helps to stimulate cell renewal and moisturizes the skin well, and also heals skin lesions. Gel "Nivea" can be used both as a prophylactic and as a therapeutic agent on a daily basis.

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