The drug "Tevrodex" (drops): instruction, price


Drug "Tevrodex" (drops), the price of whichstarts with 220 rubles, - a combined remedy intended for use in ophthalmology. The drug has an antimicrobial effect, has an anti-inflammatory effect. As active substances in the drug are dexamethasone and tobramycin.

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The latter component is an antibiotic. Tobramycin acts on strains of many pathogenic microorganisms of gram-negative and gram-positive microflora, which provoke eye diseases of an infectious nature. Dexamethasone refers to glucocorticosteroids. The substance has an anti-allergic, desensitizing effect, exhibits anti-inflammatory effect. In complex, these two components reduce the intensity of the inflammatory process, eliminating the accompanying symptoms. There are two dosage forms of the drug "Tevodex" - drops and ointment.

Tobrandex Eye Drops Instruction


Indications include inflammatory processes ineyelids (blepharitis), keratitis (in the absence of signs of epithelial damage), conjunctivitis. The medication "Tevodex" (drops) is prescribed also with iridocyclitis. The medication is effective for the prevention of probable consequences in the postoperative period.


"Tebridex" (droplets) is not recommended forindividual hypersensitivity to substances in the composition, tuberculosis of the eyes, at the age of 18 years. Contraindications include pathologies of viral and bacterial nature (including keratitis, provoked by herpes, chickenpox). The drug is not recommended in conditions after removal of foreign bodies from corneal layers, fungal lesions of the eyes. Contraindicated application of the solution during periods of lactation and pregnancy.

The drug "Tevrodex" (eye drops). Instructions for use

Instillations are carried out in the conjunctival sacthe affected eye. The recommended number of drops is not more than two. Frequency of application - every four or six hours. After instillation, close the eye, gently press down on its inner corner. In a number of cases (in case of severe disease), it is allowed to increase the frequency of application during the first two days (on the recommendation of the doctor) - bury every two hours. In this case, do not increase the dosage.


Adverse Reactions

Applying the drug "Tebridex" (drops), somepatients are exposed to the likelihood of developing glaucoma, increasing intraocular pressure. On the basis of hypersensitivity there are allergic manifestations. In particular, the patients experience itching, irritation, reddening of the eyes, swelling of the eyelids. In some cases, there is a posterior subcapsular cataract, secondary infection is attached, wound healing is slowed down. If these and other adverse effects occur, you should consult an ophthalmologist.

additional information

To enhance the therapeutic effect, it is allowedcombined use of both medicinal forms of medicament. The frequency and dosage are set by the doctor personally. Before starting therapy, you need to read the annotation to the drug.

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