Acne on forehead: causes of appearance


We all know about the incredible ability of acneappear at the most inopportune moment for this. Acne on the forehead, the reasons for the occurrence of which we will disassemble in the article, is no exception. Often they become the main reason for discomfort and complexes about their appearance.

It seems that it is not difficult to solve such a problem: make a fringe and cover the problem area. But it's not so simple! Indeed, not only does such a solution not remove the problem itself, it can also lead to a much greater spread of the infection. Therefore, you should understand that if there are spots on the forehead, treatment will have to be done in any case.

Acne on the forehead: causes emergence

To begin with, it is worthwhile to understand that most often the pimpleson the forehead (the reason for their appearance may not be one) are no more than a cosmetic problem, and not a sign of serious diseases. The appearance of rashes indicates that the internal organs work in a weakened mode.

Usually this problem torments adolescents,who entered the transition age. There is nothing surprising, because the organism is being reconstructed, the hormonal background is changing and so on. This all leads to the appearance of acne on the forehead. Unfortunately, you can find a few lucky people who managed to avoid such a problem.

If you have a rash, the first thing you need isdo, it is to understand what the reason for this. Remember that a large number of sebaceous and sweat glands is located on the T-zone, to which the forehead belongs. When the increase in salonization begins, the ducts may become blocked. As a result, the inflammatory process develops.

If in the given zone also microbes have got, allbecomes more complicated at times. In addition, the appearance of acne on the forehead may indicate an abnormal operation of the stomach, pancreas, intestine and gallbladder.

Other reasons

There were spots on the forehead? The reasons for the appearance may also be:

- improper diet;

- the use of harmful products.

For example, when a person uses too mucha large amount of sweet, fatty, smoked food, this often leads to intoxication of his body and deterioration of the skin. In addition, it is worth remembering that drinks with gases provoke disruption of the digestive tract, which also leads to the appearance of unpleasant red spots on the forehead.

There are several other reasons that lead to acne on the forehead. For example, the use of certain types of medications (antibiotics, contraceptives or hormonal drugs).

Because of what does this happen? We all know that any medicine has an "amazing" ability to treat one organ and worsen the work of the second one. Such an imbalance also causes a disruption in the functioning of the sebaceous glands. In such a case, you can not do without a thorough clinical examination, which can accurately determine what led to the appearance of acne on the forehead.

There are two types of acne: surface and deep. The latter are located in the deep layers of the skin, and even after they are disposed of, there are often very unpleasant scars, which can be extremely difficult to remove. There are such spots on the forehead? The reasons for this may lie in the appearance of pathogens that penetrate the very depths of the skin and damage its protective layer.

Every person who dreams aboutremove acne on the forehead, will have to completely revise their diet and lifestyle, in general. It is necessary to abandon bad habits, such as smoking, drinking alcohol and so on. Because it is often harmful addictions and lead to the formation of unpleasant acne.

And remember: you should never squeeze pimples! This can lead to an even greater spread of infection.

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