Intimate lubricants "Durex", description, types


Exciting intimate lubricants significantly improvefeelings during sex. According to experts, such gels can reduce friction and make sexual relations even more pleasant. Together with such additional effects as stimulating, warming up or cooling, intimate gels for pleasure will make sexual sensations unforgettable.

lubricant durex

General information

What is Durex grease used for?Such a gel is of great importance in sex. Thanks to it, you can not only get real pleasure, but also protect the sensitive surface of the genitals.

As you know, when excited by womenthe weaker sex produces its own, natural lubricant. However, it often happens that it is not enough to get sexual pleasure. In this case, experts recommend using Durex lubricants. By the way, they are ideal for anal sex.


No one needs to explain that sexual pleasure is not just friction and penetration. This is something more ...

Lubricants "Durex" will help completely change a person's idea of ​​sex, adding a special sensation to his intimate relationship.

With such a gel, you can open a new world of pleasure!


Lubricants "Durex" are sold in different types. There are so many of them that a person can easily get lost in the choice.

As is known, there are gels on silicone, aqueous and oily basis. Unlike the latter, the first two lubricants can be used together with condoms.

intimate lubricant durex

When buying a suitable lubricantpay special attention to their additional properties. Manufacturers argue that there are gels with a cooling or heating effect, as well as with different flavors and flavors.

Main advantages

In itself, an intimate lubricant "Durex" is notraises sexual emotions and sensations to a new level. However, with the right approach, such a product for pleasure will open for you new horizons of intimacy.

With the help of gels, you are able to significantly diversify your sex life and get close to your sexual partner.

Lubricants "Durex" have a number of undeniable advantages:

  • Bright emotions.Certain types of lubricants have such an additional effect, for example, cooling or warming. With them, in addition to classic sex, you can come up with other ways to use them. Gels will open for you an unknown world of sexual pleasures and love foreplay.
  • Comfort.Prolonged sexual acts often cause unpleasant sensations not only in women, but also in men. Additional lubrication of the genitals will restore the sense of pleasure. Lubricants are able to moisturize and protect the sexual organs from drying out, as well as restore a sense of comfort.
  • Relaxation. Intimate gels and lubricants 2-in-1 are ideal for an unforgettable pastime in bed with your loved one. Relaxing massage before sexual intercourse will allow you to tune in to the right wave.
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Lubricants "Durex": description

As it was said above, the intimate lubricants of the firm "Durex" have several types. Let's consider features of some of them in more details:

  • Lubrication Play Feel.This is a classic water-based product. It is non-sticky, low-fat, light and incredibly soft. This gel has a silky texture and is designed for sensory experience. It contains a special mixture of components that enhance the sensation of the partner from touching.
  • Gel Play Heat.When you use this lubricant you will be very hot. Manufacturers recommend to blow it not to increase the sensitivity and increase the warming effect. This gel is made on a water basis and can be used with condoms. It has a neutral pH and a non-sticky texture. Moreover, it does not leave stains.
  • Lubrication Play Very Cherry. It has a soft texture, sweet taste and a fruity aroma. This is the most juicy lubriquant, made on a water basis. It can be safely used with a condom.
  • Gel Play Tingle.Virtually all lubricants "Durex" differ silky texture. However, this gel has the effect of an easy "frosty tingling". It contains a unique mixture of components that cause sensations of cold, heat and tingling, as well as gently affect intimate zones. The composition of this lubricant does not include fragrances and menthol.
  • Play Strawberry Lubrication.This fruit gel is able to sweeten your intimate relationships. Lubricant with strawberry flavor does not contain sugar. Therefore, it can be used very often. This product is ideal for both vaginal and oral sex.
  • Exotic grease Play Pina Colada. It has the aromas of coconut and pineapple and is suitable for any kind of sex.
    What is Durex Grease Used for?

Mode of application

To use the Durex grease, open the lid of the vial, turn the dispenser and lightly press it. After that, a little gel should be applied on the genitals or a condom.

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