Inguinal hernia in boys at an early age


Inguinal hernia in boys - pathologicalprotrusion of the peritoneum into the cavity of the inguinal canal. It occurs in 5% of children, and in preterm - 3-4 times more often. In addition, boys are sick with this ailment 3 times more often than girls.

Inguinal hernia in boys

Inguinal hernia in boys can appear in anyage, from the moment of birth, and sometimes even in the womb of the mother. It is a swelling in the inguinal zone, which begins to bulge when straining. When probed, this bulge has an elastic shape and, when pressed lightly, is replaced into place without causing any pain. Often parents apply for surgical care when the inguinal hernia in boys reaches critical dimensions. All this is due to the fact that such methods of its treatment are still enjoying success, like the grandmothers' conspiracies !!! In no case should not neglect the importance of such a situation! Time does not wait, and while the parents spend it on hikes on lady-whisperers, inguinal hernia (photo below) increases and becomes dangerous to health. The contents of the hernia are loops of the intestine that have emerged into the inguinal zone. Untimely hospitalization of the child will lead to their jamming. It is accompanied by sharp pains in the abdomen, loud crying, vomiting, hiccough, painful attacks. Due to a stuck loop, there may be a blood flow disorder that leads to peritonitis. With such signs, it is urgent to call an ambulance, which will send the boy to the surgeon. An experienced doctor will correct the hernia without surgical intervention (in boys) with massage movements. If this did not help, an operation is necessary, after which there are also likely big complications. It is made for children aged 6-12 months. At an earlier age, surgery is considered difficult because of severe tolerance to newborn anesthesia. In this case, it can be postponed to the specified age in the absence of risk of pinching. The duration of the operation takes about an hour. After an inguinal hernia, if she was operated on in time, there comes a full recovery. But if you start the initial stage, then pinching can lead to serious complications and even the death of the child.

Inguinal hernia: photo

However, we should not lose sight of the fact that,that inguinal hernia in boys is located very close to the canal of vomiting, so the operation to remove it requires careful approach and attention. Otherwise, the child may suffer from sexual dysfunction in the future. There is another complication, which is expressed in the violation of blood circulation in the testicles. It occurs in 5% of boys who underwent an operation to remove inguinal hernia, and entails atrophy (significant decrease in size and incomplete work capacity) of the testicle.

After an inguinal hernia

Despite this, in most cases the childcompletely restored in one to two weeks and can attend a kindergarten, a school. Physical loads are allowed only after 5-6 weeks, heavy lifting is strictly forbidden the first six months. Do not forget that the cured hernia in time will save the child from any unpleasant consequences.

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