Increased tone of the uterus: an unpleasant phenomenon in pregnancy


In the life of every woman one of the most importantperiods is pregnancy. The desire of every future mother is to give birth to a healthy baby. But happy nine months of waiting do not always go as smoothly as we would like. Often, pregnancy is accompanied by such a common complication as increased uterine tone.

First let's find out what isthis medical diagnosis. In general, hypertension is the contraction of the uterine muscles, which appears before the supposed period of labor. Most often it occurs early. However, regardless of the period of pregnancy, it is always regarded as a pathological condition, since in normal muscle tone the uterus is in a relaxed calm state.

There are many reasons for the increased tone.This is not an independent disease. Increased tone of the uterus can cause hormonal disorders, infections of the pelvic organs, as well as various anomalies of the development of the uterus. Postponed abortions and infectious diseases also do not have the best effect on the course of pregnancy. There may be an increased tone of the uterus and because of nervous overstrain: constant anxiety, stress and anxiety are not the best companions for a pregnant woman.

Increased uterine tone in pregnancyaccompanied by uncomfortable sensations in the lower abdomen, similar to fights. They can be almost invisible, but they can also cause a lot of trouble for a woman. Sometimes the pain makes itself felt in the lumbar region and the sacrum. With hypertension, the abdomen is strained and very sensitive to external stimuli. If you experience any of these symptoms, consult a doctor immediately! Palpating the stomach, the doctor will be able to accurately determine the hypertonia. Sometimes an ultrasound is assigned to confirm it. Thus, you can get more information not only about the uterus, but also about the condition of the fetus. Many women do not take this unpleasant diagnosis seriously, because, according to statistics, during pregnancy, doctors diagnose hypertension in almost every patient.

Its consequences can be the most sad.In the early stages, pregnancy can be interrupted, and late - premature birth. For the fetus, there is a risk of oxygen starvation and placental abruption, so increased uterine tone should be treated immediately.

Hypertonus is treated without much difficulty.The answer to the question "How to relieve the tone of the uterus?" can only give a doctor. Considering your condition, he will pick up the necessary complex of tone-removing medications that will not harm the baby and help to keep the pregnancy. In acute cases, hospital treatment is recommended. Often, doctors prescribe such drugs as "No-shpa", which allows the muscles of the uterus to relax, and "Papaverin," which relieves pain when contracting. Additionally, you can take "Magne B6", which not only strengthens the uterine muscles, but also relieves the tension of the nervous system and vessels of the brain. Increased tone of the uterus requires adherence to bed rest. It is also necessary to avoid fatigue and stress. Remember that self-medication is very dangerous.

Everyone knows that it is easier to prevent the emergence ofdisease, than to treat it. This principle applies to the increased tone of the uterus. Avoid it will help timely detection and treatment of gynecological diseases, as well as compliance with the rules of behavior of a pregnant woman. Do not be influenced by negative emotions, avoid physical exertion and go to bed on time. Eliminate coffee and alcoholic beverages from your diet, more often take walks in the fresh air and just enjoy the pregnancy. Take care of yourself!

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