How to pull the tick correctly.


The tick has a so-called spout or proboscis,which he bites the body. The peculiarity of this proboscis is that it has small notches directed to one side. When bitten, they help the mite penetrate deeper into the skin, and when you try to extract it, they rest against it and diverge to the sides. That is why the insect is quite problematic to remove completely. There is a question, how correctly to pull out the tick or mite?

Quite often people try to remove the parasiteindependently, but they do not quite right. The spout breaks away and remains in the body, and the consequences are inflammation, a completely natural reaction of the body to the presence in it of an alien body. So how do you get the mite out? It is best to do this in a special medical institution. The specialist will remove the insect, and at the same time and check it for any infections. In the first-aid posts, the most common use is chloroform. It impregnates the cotton wool, which is applied to the bite for several minutes. The tick falls asleep, the muscles on the proboscis relax, it ceases to cling to the body. Now it is not difficult to extract it.

But what if the medical institutionnearby is not present? How to pull a tick in the so-called "marching conditions"? Like all animals, this parasite needs air. The respiratory tract of the tick is located on the back of the trunk. If they are blocked, the insect will begin to look for an opportunity to inhale and crawl out. Take any non-permeable substance, oil or fat, and drip onto an insect. The tick must be covered entirely. Have patience, the process of creeping can last from thirty to forty minutes. But this completely excludes the possibility of inflammation.

Everyone should know how to remove a tick.It should be borne in mind that the amount of virus injected by an insect is completely dependent on the time it was on the body after the moment of the bite. Therefore, all activities must be carried out without delay. The tick can carry not only tick-borne encephalitis, but also babesiosis, erlichiosis, tularemia, hemorrhagic fever, Lyme disease and other serious diseases.

How to remove the mite yourself?A thin and strong thread is needed. It is tied with a knot, trying to cover the proboscis of the insect as low as possible, and very carefully begin to pull it out. Pulling must be strictly up. Sharp movements are unacceptable, since it threatens to tear off the head.

How to remove a tick if its head was torn off?It has the appearance of a small black dot, threatens with imminent inflammation and suppuration. The place of the bite is wiped with cotton wool soaked in alcohol. The head is obtained by the principle of an ordinary splinter with a needle, necessarily calcined on fire. But still it is better not to allow such a situation, removing the mite extremely slowly and carefully. Do not put pressure on his body. This can lead to the release of its contents under the skin, and with it the causative agents of various diseases. Consider the fact that extracting the detached head does not exclude infection, since the virus concentrates in the area of ​​the ducts and salivary glands.

About how to pull a tick, we now know.Do not forget to treat the remaining wound after bite with alcohol or iodine. The extracted insect is best kept and for two days it is examined for infection with encephalitis and borreliosis. To do this, place it in a glass jar, along with a cotton-wool soaked in water and tightly clog. To perform microscopic diagnosis of an insect, it must be delivered to the laboratory still alive.

Learning how to pull a tick, do not forget aboutpreventive measures. Here the best means is vaccination. Be sure to treat with utmost care the choice of clothes, going for a walk in the forest zone. After a walk, carefully inspect the clothes. Get special repellents from ticks and use them if necessary.

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