The horsetail of the field is both useful and tasty


On the territory of almost the whole of our countrygrows a beautiful and useful plant - horsetail. It has several varieties, but they are all used by alternative and classical medicine for the treatment of certain diseases. Horsetail, as it follows from the name, is found on forest glades, among crops, like railroad embankments, sandy banks of rivers, fields. The thickets of this plant indicate that the soils are strongly acidified. Outwardly the grass reminds a fur-tree, therefore in people so it and name. And they call a pine, a panicle, a tin grass.

Tin grass receives nutrients from the soil with the help of long roots up to one meter long, equipped with blackish cones-cones. These cone-nodules are very tasty if baked.

The shoots near the fir tree are twofold.Spring appears brown, with a whisk on the top of fruiting stems. It is on them maturation of spores, necessary for reproduction. When the spores mature, these stems die, and they are replaced by rough green summer shoots, which must be collected from June to August.

To get medicinal raw materials, horsetail field mow down, crush, dry in the shade. When collecting grass, you need to be very careful - some species are poisonous.

Why gather a field horsetail?Its properties are diverse. Infusions or broths of pine extract lead from the body, remove intoxication in poisoning, act as a strong diuretic in kidney diseases. Preparations of the herringbone stop blood, remove inflammation, kill germs, bacteria.

Tin grass contains a lot of silicon,necessary for proper metabolism, development of bones, strengthening of blood vessels. Rich in vitamin C and carotene, pine is useful in diseases of the throat, nosebleeds.

The plant contains many tannins,fatty oils, flavonoids, so I found horsetail in folk medicine and cosmetology. To rejuvenate the face and reduce wrinkles use a mask made of a tin fir. To do this, a decoction of 4 tablespoons of dry raw material with a glass of water, infused for an hour, is mixed with honey, carrot freshly squeezed juice. The obtained composition is impregnated with gauze, applied to the face. After 15 minutes you can wash with weak green tea. If the face is wiped clean decoction, and then do not wash for half an hour, then after 2 weeks, the pores on the face narrowed, and the greasy sheen will disappear.

The same broth, only in an easierconcentration, helps to fight cellulite. Baths with decoction of tin grass reduce sweating, give the skin firmness, and the body - a pleasant smell. Freshly squeezed juice or broth of horsetail helps with internal bleeding, acts as a strong diuretic.

In order to strengthen the body, not necessarilyuse the horsetail as a medicine. From it you can make delicious, very useful dishes, rich in useful substances. It is very tasty potato soup, which is added to the crushed pestles of the pine. After 5 minutes of boiling, the soup is served on the table, pre-seasoned with sour cream. If the shredded pistils are mixed with the egg, a small amount of fried onions, add a little sour cream, then you get an excellent filling for pies. Field herringbone can be added to casseroles, okroshkam, salads.

To get rid of excess weight, nutritionistsrecommend horsetail field mix with root elder, strawberry leaf, cornflower or cuff flowers, brew, cool 15 minutes, every day before going to bed drinking.

When using tin grass, you should drinka lot of liquid, because it has a strong diuretic effect. With uncontrolled application horsetail can disrupt the acid and salt balance of the body.

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