Nasal drops "Xylen". Instructions for use


Nasal drops "Xylen" user manualrefers to the category of vasoconstrictive drugs for topical use. The drug has alpha-adrenomimetic activity. Medication "Xylene", the composition of which includes the active substance - hydrochloride xylometazoline - restores the patency of the nasal passages. Additional components: purified water, benzalkonium chloride, sodium chloride, sodium hydrogen phosphate dodecahydrate, disodium edetate, potassium dihydrogenphosphate.


Provoking a constriction in the blood vessels of the nasal mucosa, the drug "Xylene" eliminates swelling and flushing, thus facilitating nasal breathing.

The medication begins to exert a therapeutic effect a few minutes after administration. The effect can last for ten hours.

With local use of the absorption of the drug is almost not happening. As a result, the concentration of the active substance in the plasma is insignificant.


Medicine "Xylen" instruction manualrecommends for respiratory diseases of acute course complicated by manifestations of rhinitis (rhinitis), sinusitis, acute rhinitis of allergic nature. As a combination therapy, the medication is allowed to be used with an average otitis to reduce edema of the nasopharyngeal mucosa. The drug is prescribed to facilitate rhinoscopy.

The medicine "Xylen". Contraindications

Nasal drops are not prescribedhypersensitivity, arterial hypertension, severe atherosclerosis, tachycardia. The drug "Xylen" instructions for use does not allow for the appointment with atrophic rhinitis, glaucoma, during pregnancy and lactation. Do not recommend drops to children under six years old, as well as after surgery on the membranes of the brain (in the medical history).


The drug "Xylen" instructions for userecommends children and adults to inject one to two drops into each nostril. Frequency of instillation per day - two or three times. Do not use the medicine more than three times a day. The duration of application of the drug "Xylen" should not be more than five days.

Adverse Events

When using a medicine, negativemanifestations. Among the side effects experts note dryness or irritation of the mucosa, sneezing, paresthesia, burning, hypersecretion. In rare cases, swelling of the mucosa is possible. The drug can cause depression, a disorder of vision, insomnia, arrhythmia, tachycardia, increased blood pressure, palpitations. As a rule, these side effects are the result of prolonged use of the drug in elevated dosages.


In case of an overdose, side effects increase. To facilitate the condition, symptomatic therapy is recommended under medical supervision.

Drug interaction of the drug "Xylen"

The drug is incompatible with tricyclic antidepressants and MAO inhibitors (monoamine oxidase).

special instructions

Before instillation of the medicine, both nasal passages should be cleared.

In chronic rhinitis drug "Xylen" should not be used for a long period.

When using medicament in dosages,exceeding the recommended, there is a deterioration in the ability to manage transport and work with machinery, as well as slowing down of psychomotor reactions and reduced concentration of attention.

The use of Xylen in children should be controlled by a doctor.

Nasal drops should be stored in a dark place, at a temperature not exceeding 25 degrees. The drug can be used for three years.

Despite the fact that the drug "Xylen" is available without a prescription, before using it, you should visit a doctor.

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