How to tell my mother that my men do not come?


"Oh, girls, I do not know about you, but I have a problem: how to tell my mother that my men do not come? Physically, I took shape in an adult girl, and I have a guy with whom we regularly have sex, but until now everything was somehow managed. The delay is only a few days, but I'm so scared that I "flew".

True, the last sexual act was withoutcondom, but he managed to pull the penis out of the vagina until the moment the sperm "fired" it. What will happen now? I'm only 15, and even less so. I'm afraid to go to the gynecologist, maybe, what will you advise? "

How to tell my mom that I have a period

Such stories doctors know a lot, buttell about them inexperienced schoolgirls only when the toxicosis starts to torment or a stomach to grow. What to do with adolescents who have a body asking, but in their head "no more than one and a half convolutions"? The only advice is to start conversations on an intimate topic before the menstruation announces itself.

Yes, girls are embarrassed by similar themes, but to eachfrom them you can find an approach, because no one knows his child so well as a mother. She should start a conversation without prejudice and with love, because this is her daughter.

Monthly were 2 days

To whom to go with the question "How to tell my mother that my men do not come?"

Confidential conversations on similar topics can behold and a psychologist if he can make friends with a teenager and become him almost a native person. This will take time and patience, so that the girl opens her soul not to imaginary girlfriends who are able to unmask the secret of their peers on the corner, and even laugh with a laugh, informing the school parallel of the piquant situation, and him.

And now imagine that you found a diary of a classmate, in which she wrote this:

"And yet, how to tell my mom that I have a monthlydid not come? You will not approach her in the kitchen when she cabbages a borsch in a borsch, and you will not fall out from the doorstep news, from which a loved one, perhaps, an ambulance will have to call. This requires a subtle approach, for example, putting the pregnancy test on a prominent place without the ill-fated two strips. Maybe mom will guess herself, and the first will want to talk?

What to do if the monthly

This option is, of course, ideal if the relationshipin the family are warm. Otherwise, and until the scandal is near, but perhaps the parents will scream a little, and then, having calmed down, decide how to be? Of the house, for sure, not expelled: thank you that the law is on my side, and to the gynecologist to go not so it will be terrible. Anyway, without my mother, he will not accept me.

You can, in principle, and lie that the monthly were 2day only, but only to whom from this it becomes easier? It's scary to go to the bedroom to parents, but it's even more terrible to be a hostage of toxicosis, then everyone will know that I'm not a virgin and will poke a finger.

I'll wait a little longer, what if it's just a delay? "

What if I do not get my period?

  1. To notify one of the parents.
  2. Be sure to visit the women's consultation.
  3. To hand over analyzes.
  4. Make ultrasound of the abdominal cavity.
  5. Do not torment yourself with the question "How do I tell my mom that I have a month's delay?"

It is possible that you are not pregnant: sometimes the body malfunctions, and the monthly shifts to 10 days. But as soon as this period increases, it is possible that in your family a baby will soon appear.

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