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Our ancestors believed that the penis is becomingsolid because of the fact that it is filled with air. But we have known for a long time that an erection is a process in which during sexual excitement a flow of arterial blood and venous outflow occurs to the penis. The arterial blood fills the caverns of the penis, increasing its volume by two or even eight times, while it hardens and becomes elastic. Erection is maintained by reducing the outflow of venous blood, which regulates the special muscles (ischial-cavernous), located at the root of the penis. After the stimulation is reduced, the muscles relax, and the blood that fills the cavities of the genital organ flows off, reducing it to normal size and making it soft.

However, an erection occurs not only under the conditionpresence of any "stimulus". There is also an uncontrolled kind of erection - a morning erection, during this period the physiological needs of a man are not controlled by the brain.

morning erection
Why there is an erection in the morning

Male hormones are maximally concentrated inorganism in the morning, therefore, and there is a morning erection. Sometimes the cause of an erection in the morning can be a complete bladder, which presses on the walls of the vessels, causing nerve impulses. The point is that the think tanks that are responsible for sex and urination are next door, combining these different physiological phenomena.

In general, the morning erection primarily speaksabout men's health. However, in some cases this phenomenon may be absent, as a rule, the reason for the lack of an erection in the morning can be mental or physical fatigue, a state of stress or depression. If the erection in the morning is not temporarily manifested, then you should not seriously worry, because this is a normal process in terms of physiology. However, a long absence of it can become a signal that changes occur in the body of a man. In principle, the erection could be in a dream and therefore remained unnoticed.

Chubby this

To find out if there was a morning erection andto exclude erectile dysfunction, doctors do the following: a ring of special thin paper is put on the penis, if after two nights the ring remains intact - this means having problems with potency, which is solved by therapy with drugs for potency. If the erection is absent at night, but arises without any problems during the day, then, perhaps, the reason lies in the psychological mess.

Quick erection - good or bad?

Now in modern pharmacies a huge number of various electronic stimulants of potency are offered.

quick erection
Judging by the reviews, all these devices are very effective, although they cause some men to associate themselves with bulls-producers who are ready for fertilization after using electroshock.

Such devices are really created in order to realize the dream of some men - a quick erection that occurs naturally.

However, a quick erection should be followed by at leastthe rapid onset of orgasm and ejaculation, in this case, the woman in this "high-speed" process becomes clearly superfluous, since speed is what she needs in the last place. An experienced man should be able to skillfully manage his erection in order to get real pleasure from sexual intimacy with a woman.

Simple tips for supporting men's health:a man should get enough sleep (eight hours sleep); To sleep it is necessary in a dark and silent premise (for development of testosterone); It should sleep naked, creating an ideal temperature for the eggs (overheating is very undesirable for men's health)

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