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Condom is the most popular remedycontraception and protection against STDs. It is a kind of cover, made mainly of latex (less often - of polyurethane), which is worn on the penis, which is in the erect state. The first condom was made in 1640 by Dr. Condom, but there is evidence that in Ancient Greece they were quite up and running. But while historians are arguing about this, contemporaries use this unique means of protection in relations of ardent and delicate.

contex long love
By the way, in the XVIII century condoms from which onlynot made - in the course of the skin, flax. These materials were treated with caustic soda. However, only the middle class or the upper class could use them - their cost was so high. It is said that a woman of easy conduct of those times needed to work more than one month to acquire a single condom. Undoubtedly, the earnings went to other needs. And the venereal diseases blossomed in a lush color. The condoms entered the working masses at the beginning of the nineteenth century, and even then in America. But the second half of this century was devoted to combating them. In some states, there were even legislative documents that categorically forbid the sale and use of condoms. The same opinion was shared by feminists, who believed that control over childbearing was exclusively a female privilege.

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With an increase in the growth of STDs, the need forcondoms became an urgent necessity. XX century inexorably stated - sexual emancipation must be protected. With the invention of latex in 1920, condoms could become thinner and stronger, their shelf life increased. In 1981, AIDS became the scourge of mankind, and as a result a large-scale advertising campaign was launched to combat this disease. Today, a condom is a testimony not of sexual promiscuity, but of competence and a sober view of life. The manufacturer tries to make the most thin, durable latex "cases", which can be supplemented with special functions.

Contex Long Love Condoms

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Lovers always want to have momentssensual pleasure lasted forever or at least as long as possible. Contex Long Love condoms are designed specifically for the fact that the enjoyment was not interrupted too soon. They are treated with a special anesthetic benzocaine, which reduces the sensitivity of the receptors of the penis. Sexual intercourse lasts longer, and ejaculation occurs later. Contex Long Love condoms are made of high-quality latex, which is processed silicone-free from the outside. The most progressive technological equipment is used for their production, all stages of manufacturing are carefully controlled, and the quality is checked by electronics. About condoms Contex reviews are always good - they are democratic in price, presented in the widest range in almost any outlet.

Anesthetic benzocaine in rare cases canthere is an allergy. In this situation, its use should be discarded. Otherwise Contex Long Love condoms are an ideal choice for people who do not hurry to love and are given this feeling in full. Communication with the beloved becomes an eternity, in which there is no place for regret about the transience of being.

Condoms "Contex Long Love" are available inpackages of 3 or 12 pieces. The length of each, according to the characteristics, is 180 mm, width - 52 mm, latex has a thickness of 0.06 mm. It should be remembered that a condom is a disposable. Only then can he effectively protect against STDs and prevent unwanted pregnancies.

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