Sperm follows: Does this interfere with fertilization?


A man and a woman are two sides of the coin, andfact - one whole. A rare woman will not want a baby. It is important that the pregnancy is treated correctly, under the supervision of a qualified specialist. But how to get pregnant if all attempts are in vain?

Situations are different: someone has bad genes, someone is incompatible with a partner.

Many women are sure that the reason for the failure lies in the fact that semen follows after sexual intercourse. But the fact that the sperm flows - does not mean that it completely flows.

Consider how fertilization goes in general. Every month an egg leaves the ovary and advances through the fallopian tube. If recently there was a sexual act, the cell is fertilized and implanted into the uterus. If the sperm flows out after sex, it does not mean that the spermatozoa did not stay inside. During the ovulation period, the uterus is already prepared for the adoption of the ovum. If the egg does not fertilize in the fallopian tubes, then it passes on, leaves the body. This is the menstrual period.

the sperm flows out

The period of ovulation is an ideal time forfinally get pregnant. This is the moment when the egg moves along the fallopian tubes. Sperm enters the vagina after intercourse. For one eruption a man is able to impregnate more than one woman. According to approximate estimates, sperm contains about 300 million spermatozoa. During the eruption, sperm flows out of the vagina, but some part of it remains.

During the ovulation period, a favorable environment is created in the cervix of the uterus. Thanks to this, the remains of the sperm are easy to move, they fall into the fallopian tube and meet with the egg.

After fertilization for seven daysthe egg gradually moves to the uterus. Now this is not just a female cell, but an embryo. Already in the period of progress, it begins to grow, and penetrating the uterus, the embryo is attached to the thickest wall. So there is an introduction.

So do not be afraid that the spermfollows. Nature has provided everything and if God decides that a woman should get pregnant, it will happen. To ensure that the uterus does not reject the embryo, a special hormone is produced, it prevents re-formation of the oocytes and, in general, the process of menstruation.

sperm follows from
A woman will certainly become pregnant if she enters intosexual intercourse during the period of ovulation. As a rule, it comes fourteen days after the first day of the last menstruation. The average life expectancy of an egg is up to 24 hours. However, spermatozoa live in the body of a woman for seven days. During this time they will have time to pass into the fallopian tubes and meet with the egg.

the sperm is flowing
Menstrual cycle should be counted from the first daylast menstruation. On average, the infertility of an unfertilized egg is 28 days. Of course, there are no exact terms, since physiology is different for all women.

So we found out if the sperm is flowing,this does not mean that it is impossible to conceive. Another thing is the quality of the seed. If the partner abuses tobacco, drugs and alcohol, then the sperm is degraded, their numbers are reduced, and the probability of fertilization of the egg significantly decreases.

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