It is important, as the hymen looks like


The hymen is, perhaps, the only fold in the human body, because of which so many tragedies have taken place, with which so many traditions and rites are associated.

In general, the hymen is just a small fold on the vaginal mucosa.

what does the hymen look like
It is usually present in people who have never had sexual intercourse. That is why the presence of this small fold seems to indicate the morality and purity of the girl.

The hymen is not only found in humans. Some mammals also have it. This fold of the mucosa increases the safety of the microflora of the vagina, protects the sexual health of the girl.

The rupture of the hymen is defloration.

How does a hymen look and how it collapses

It is a pink fold of the mucosa withhole in the middle. Sometimes the girl does not have a hole. Often notice this only with the onset of puberty, that is, with the onset of menstruation. The girl experiences discomfort, pain, heaviness in the lower abdomen, and menstruation does not begin. In this case, the gynecologist finds out what the hymen looks like. If there are no holes in it, defloration is carried out for medical reasons.

Sometimes defloration occurs by chance. For example, if the tampon is unsuccessful, when doing gymnastics.

In this case, the first sexual intercourse with such a virgin will not bring the desired bleeding after the rupture of the hymen. But is not such a girl a virgin?


Sometimes in this situation, it is artificially restored. This is quite possible and is often used in Muslim countries.

Thus, the presence or absence, the kinds of hymen, can not serve as an absolute proof of the innocence of women.

What is virginity in this case?

This concept is rather moral. Any young man secretly wants to marry an innocent girl, to be her first and only man.

what is virginity
This is understandable and laid in the male psyche.But if the girl behaves very freely, her chastity and virginity are in question, even if the hymen is intact. Sex can be practiced without penetration. This is oral sex, affection, mutual masturbation. If a girl does all this, is it important how the hymen looks, whether it is broken or not.

Hymen before delivery

In some cases, this skin fold may bestretched, especially with a significant excitement of a woman. How does the hymen look when excited? The opening is so enlarged that it can easily pass a small penis and not tear. So the tradition will also be broken, but for another reason entirely.

In young girls, the hymen is veryis elastic. It can stretch, shrink, increasing the pleasure of partners. In some cases, the hymen can persist until delivery. Elasticity decreases with age. At 80% of the thirties, the hymen loses this elasticity.

Despite the fact that the tradition of making sure of the chastity of the chosen one is in many national traditions, now it has lost its significance.

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