Plasticity of the frenulum of the foreskin - what is it?


The bridle on the penis is a longitudinal skin fold. It is located on the lower part of the penis. The bridle connects the head and the foreskin.

plastic frenulum foreskin


Bridle contributes to the return of the foreskin inclosed protected position after exposure of the head of the penis. Due to the activity of this fold, free movement of the skin is ensured. In addition, the bridle contributes to the adoption of the correct position of the head during erection.


A short frenum in men is considered congenitalviolation. As a result, different problems may develop. A short frenum in men is the cause of soreness during sexual intercourse. At the same time, the more intense the movements, the greater the pain. This is due to the fact that the bridle during the act is greatly stretched. This cause is considered one of the most common causes of coital pain in the head of the penis.

short frenum in men

Bleeding and rupture

When rough sexual intercourse or sexualcontact with a partner with a narrow entrance to the vagina, there is an excessive tension of the skin fold on the penis. As a result, it can simply burst. This is a fairly frequent genital trauma in patients, accompanied not only by psychological stress, but also by profuse bleeding and severe pain. The supply of the bridle with blood is very good, therefore, it is not always possible to stop the flow independently. In this case, you may need an urgent urological help.

Scar revision

In the case of an independent rupture of the bridle,too long healing, accompanied by an inflammatory process, with a constant subsequent traumatization of the wound due to the continued sexual life, a rough outgrowth is formed at the injury site. As a result, the fold will become inelastic and dense. This, in turn, will help to form cracks and maintain constant discomfort during sexual intercourse.

removal of the frenulum

Irritation of the ejaculation center

Because of a short frenum,premature ejaculation. In case of formation of cicatrix after a spontaneous rupture, numerous nerve processes connected directly with the spinal ejaculation center can be involved in this area. In this situation, a region of pathological impulses is formed. It provokes irritation of the spinal ejaculation center and early, uncontrollable ejaculation.

Consequences of a birth defect

The frenum on the foreskin is veryfragile formation. This mechanism can fail at any time. This skin fold has an increased sensitivity level. This is due to the fact that in this area numerous nerve endings, lymphatic and blood vessels converge. In the bridle there are many more receptors than in the head itself. In the period of intimacy, the fold stretches periodically, which increases excitement and accelerates the onset of orgasm. This strip of skin largely determines the normal functioning of the body. Early ejaculation, provoked by defects in the bridle, can cause impotence. Because of bleeding and painful sensations, the partner, worrying about the probability of a break, begins to restrain himself during sexual intercourse. As a result, the process of achieving an orgasm is significantly complicated not only physically, but also psychologically. As a result, it can lead to absolute erectile dysfunction.

how to stretch a bridle of the foreskin


How to stretch a bridle foreskin? Is it possible? There are several options for correcting the situation. One of them is the removal of the frenulum of the foreskin. However, it is not always necessary to resort to this procedure. With the use of modern equipment, correction of the frenulum for foreskin is being carried out today. The procedure ensures the elongation of the fold to the required size. In this case, a subtle scar is formed.

Fistula of the frenulum of the foreskin

The operation is a dissection(transverse) skin fold and longitudinal suturing. This allows you to extend it as much as you need. The plasticity of the frenulum almost 100% prevents the rupture of it in the future. Interventions are carried out on an outpatient basis. To perform the procedure, hospitalization is not required. Plastic surgery of the frenulum is performed under local anesthesia. Cosmetic sutures are applied using materials of foreign production. They do not leave scars. Complete healing is observed after ten to twelve days. Throughout the recovery period, experts recommend refraining from sexual contacts. The duration of the procedure, as a rule, does not exceed twenty minutes.

correction of the frenulum of the foreskin

Progress of the operation

A few minutes after the injection of anestheticthe doctor crosses the bridle in a transverse direction with a scalpel. Then ligature is applied to the artery. Then, the edges of the wound formed are lengthened in the longitudinal direction. In case of detection of a rough scar because of the gaps that occurred in the past, it is removed. At the end of the operation on the wound, a gauze roll is applied.

Special Information

There are no age limits for the operation. Patients under the age of twelve are given intravenous anesthesia. Adults anesthesia is injected directly into the penis. Pre-prepare for surgery is not necessary. One of the conditions is only a careful processing of the area on which the intervention will be carried out.


With any suspicious manifestations, rednessany soreness should be visited by a urologist. It is not necessary to go to extreme measures (circumcision, for example). The plasticity of the frenulum of the foreskin allows quickly and practically without consequences to correct the situation and eliminate the defect. Timely contact with a doctor will help keep sexual functions normal.

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