The drug "Methyluracil" (ointment): instruction


The drug "Methyluracil" (ointment) instruction relatesto medicines that improve trophism in tissues and stimulate regenerative processes. The medicine has anti-catabolic and anabolic effects. The drug stimulates leukopoiesis.

Characterizing the mechanism of the effect of the means"Methyluracil" (ointment), the instruction indicates the ability to normalize the nucleic acid exchange, thereby accelerating the regeneration of cells in the wounds. The drug has a beneficial effect on granulation maturation and tissue growth, as well as epithelialization. With local application, the drug has a photoprotective effect.

The drug "Metiluratsil" has an immunostimulating property, activates humoral and cellular immune factors.

The drug has anti-inflammatoryproperties associated with the ability to inhibit the activity of proteolytic enzymes. With the intake of tablets "Metiluratsil" comes to norm the nucleic acid exchange in the mucosa of the digestive system.

Tablet form of the drug is recommended forleukopenia, sluggishly healing wounds, agranulocyte angina, aleukia (alimentary-toxic). Assign a medicine and for burns, ulcers (in the stomach or duodenum), fractures of bones, radiation lesions, intoxications with benzene.

Ointment "Metiluratsil" instructions for userecommends as an epithelizing drug for burns, dermatitis, wounds, photodermatoses, diaper rash, bedsores. Means prescribe and with boils and abscesses.

Suppositories "Metiluratsil" are recommended whenerosive-ulcerative colitis, cracks in the anus. Candles are prescribed for proctosigmoiditis. The drug is indicated for local injuries in the female genitalia, radiation colpitis, cystitis, damage to the thick and sigmoid colon.

The drug "Methyluracil" (ointment) instruction does notrecommends the use of lymphogranulomatosis, leukemia (acute and chronic leukemic forms), malignant neoplasms in the digestive tract, as well as hypersensitivity.

When using the medication, you may experience headache, rash, dizziness. When injected into the rectum of suppositories, a short burning sensation is likely.

Tablets "Metiluratsil" adults are appointed inday four times for 500 mg. The maximum dose is three grams. Children from the age of eight are recommended to take 250-500 mg three times a day. Patients under eight years of age are prescribed three times 250 mg per day. Tablets are allowed for use from three years. The medicine should be drunk after or during a meal.

The drug "Methyluracil" (ointment) instructionrecommends applying 5 or 10 mg. Treatment is carried out for fifteen to thirty days. With radiation lesions of the vagina and radiation dermatitis, the drug "Metiluratsil" (ointment) is recommended for use in loose tampons.

Suppositories should be administered rectally. The candle (after its release from the package) is injected into the anus after a spontaneous bowel cleansing or after an enema.

Adults are assigned 1-4 suppositories per day. In special cases, two candles are allowed not more than four times a day.

Children older than eight years - according to the suppository per day. Patients under eight years of age - half a candle a day. The drug is not used in children less than three years old.

Duration of use from seven days to four months.

The drug "Metiluratsil" (ointment) (reviews of experts confirm this) helps reduce the severity of the pathological process, improve the overall condition of patients with radiation injuries.

According to many patients, the ointment is effective for abrasions, scratches, cuts. The merits of the drug include its non-hormonal composition, effectiveness, accessibility.

Before using the drug "Methyluracil" you should consult a doctor.

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