Tonus of the uterus: symptoms and causes


Pregnancy is a wonderful period in lifewomen, because she is waiting for a baby who will love and protect his whole life. Care for the baby's future mother begins even before his appearance. She carefully preserves her pregnancy, trying to avoid any complications. But, despite this, almost every woman, at least once for pregnancy, but heard from the doctor that she has hypertension of the uterus. Let's try to figure out what is the tone of the uterus, the symptoms and causes that cause it?

To begin with, it must be said that the uterusis one of the muscular organs, so it is characterized by movement and contraction. In moderation, such abbreviations are considered the norm. However, if they are long and frequent, accompanied by pain, then you should see a doctor. An increase in the tone of the uterus in a pregnant woman can cause miscarriage or premature birth. In any case, frivolous attitude to the increased tone of the uterus will not lead to anything good, so a good reason for visiting a doctor is the tone of the uterus. Symptoms of increased tonus are as follows:

  1. Feeling of heaviness and tension in the lower abdomen;
  2. The abdomen is hard to the touch;
  3. In the lower abdomen there are pains that resemble contractions;
  4. Sensation of "stony" uterus;
  5. Painful sensation in the lumbar region and pubis;
  6. Blood shedding;
  7. The cervix of the uterus is shortened (this can be seen only when examined by a doctor);

In order to avoid any unpleasantconsequences, which entails the tone of the uterus, the symptoms - this is not the only thing you need to know. When the symptoms that determine the tone of the uterus are already known, it is necessary to find out the reasons for the increase of the tone and to engage in further treatment. The tone of the uterus during pregnancy, the symptoms pointing to it, appear for several reasons. One of the reasons may be a hormonal failure in the body of a woman - a low production of progesterone. In such cases, doctors most often appoint a morning or a dufffast. Also, the tone can be caused by a retractive contraction of the uterus to the stretch marks that appear due to the growth of the fetus. Among other reasons that can affect the tone of the uterus, there may be toxicosis, sexual intercourse, early cervical dilatation, thyroid dysfunction, rhesus conflicts. The tone can also increase at the reception of the doctor with the palpitation of the abdomen, as well as with simple strokes, because The muscles of the uterus respond to physical stimulation by contraction. There are also external phenomena that lead to an increase in tone. Among them, one can note the inhalation of chemical harmful substances, heavy physical labor, poor flow of viral and infectious diseases.

The tension of the muscles of the uterus can be provoked by some sharp movement, a change in the posture. Such stresses are considered normal and they are not taken for indicative of the tone of the uterus symptoms.

In order to avoid increased uterine toneat pregnancy, for the beginning it is necessary to try to maintain a good mood. It is necessary to think more about something good, to represent the first meeting with the baby. All this contributes to the well-being. Also, you should follow certain rules regarding the daily routine: to sleep at least 9 hours a day, while staying up no later than 23.00, the time that was previously occupied by watching TV, during pregnancy is filled with a walk. TV in general it is desirable to watch as rarely as possible. Programs for viewing should be selected only those that give only positive information. In addition, during pregnancy, you need to alternate any job with rest, not allowing yourself to overwork. When a woman begins to feel that the uterus is a little strained, she should lie down and relax, close her eyes and think about something pleasant.

Read more on how to determine the toneuterus, symptoms, causes and ways to overcome it, a woman can have a doctor who leads a pregnancy. But the best way is to just try to avoid this problem with the help of positive emotions, appreciating every moment, filled with happiness.

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