Pimple in an Intimate Place: Causes and Treatment


So, you have jumped pimple in an intimate place. What is the reason? As the most common factors, doctors call, firstly, conditions that are accompanied by a violation of the hormonal background (including pregnancy, menopause and the so-called "transitional age"). In addition, pryshchiki can testify to the unsuccessful epilation of the bikini zone and non-compliance with hygiene rules. Think about whether you are abusing synthetic underwear? The appearance of rashes can also be caused by malnutrition, severe stress, sexually transmitted infections.

pimple in an intimate place


By the way, quite often that is erroneousis taken by us for a pimple in an intimate place, does not at all. Seals, similar to small white dots, are actually hair follicles, from which pubic hair will grow in the future.

Sebaceous glands

Pimple in an intimate place may well bean enlarged sebaceous gland. This is because the skin in the intimate area is thinner and more tender than anywhere else. That is why the sebaceous gland is easy to take for pimples. Such skin formations will not cause you the slightest harm - of course, if you do not squeeze them out. Otherwise, your skin may suffer. The best thing you can do is to train yourself to regularly treat inflamed areas with special antibacterial agents. In addition, it is necessary to observe personal hygiene (daily wash and regularly change underwear) and refuse harmful food.

jumped pimple in an intimate place


However, a pimple in an intimate place may not be soinoffensive, as it seems. If in appearance it resembles acne on the face, this indicates a blockage of the sebaceous glands. It looks rather unaesthetic, besides such pryshchiki can strongly hurt or be ill; be sick and at maturing to spoil panties.


Purulent pimple in an intimate place is quite possibleremove yourself. To do this, gently wash the affected area with warm water, wipe dry and apply a compress of aloe pulp over the inflammation (just take a sheet, cut it in half and fix it with a patch). Compress should be left overnight. This remedy will relieve the inflammation in just a few days - the next morning you will see that the pimple has significantly decreased in size. Also, the abscess can be treated several times per day with hydrogen peroxide (you can buy it in a pharmacy). In order to accelerate the process of maturing acne, you can use iodine or Vishnevsky ointment. All these funds are quite cheap, but very effective. To squeeze out a pimple on an intimate place is not recommended: by this you will make only worse.

purulent pimple in an intimate place


If your skin is covered in the groin by whiteSubcutaneous tubercles are nothing but cysts. The explanation of their appearance is very simple: the sebaceous gland is closed by the skin, so fat accumulates under the skin. It quickly hardens, so squeezing it is not possible. Removal of cysts is performed surgically and, as a rule, takes only a couple of minutes.

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