Condoms with mustaches: advantages and disadvantages


There are many ways to diversify sexuallife and add to it acute and unusual sensations. For example, role-playing games, the use of various toys and stuff. The simplest and cheapest way, of course, is to buy an unusual condom. At present, there are many of them - condoms with tendrils, pimples, balls, various colors, aromas, even glowing in the dark. The goal of each of them is the addition of pleasant sensations and the introduction of a variety in the sexual life of the couple.

condoms with tendrils
Condoms with a mustache - this is not quite normal,but still a classic form of male contraception. They are decorated with additional details, giving them the look of a brush. They serve for additional stimulation of the clitoris and the point G.

Condoms with mustaches, photos of which we have seen more than once, are usually sold in pharmacies. They have both positive and negative properties.

The main purpose of them - to deliver the womanadditional pleasant sensations. Despite the general popularity of condoms with mustache, reviews about them are mostly negative. Many women either do not feel any additional stimulation, or experience discomfort, and sometimes even pain. Basically, all couples trying to use such condoms eventually abandoned them because of their total uselessness.

condoms with a mustache photo

They have quite a lot of shortcomings. For example, unlike the classical - conventional condoms - they have lower protective properties: they are more often torn or slipped. This is due to the fact that many manufacturers have not taken care of enough of the necessary lubricant.

Another disadvantage is the high cost of theseunusual condoms. They are difficult to find in conventional pharmacies. Condoms with tendrils can be bought in special stores, and the price will be an order of magnitude higher than the classical ones.

Another important point in the list of shortcomings -contraindications to use by women who have problems with the mucous membrane of the vagina. It is important to know that many gynecologists generally do not advise their use because of the high probability that in the process of sexual intercourse, small parts can come off, which can subsequently cause an infectious disease. If this happens, it is worth immediately contacting your doctor.

condoms with mustache reviews

An important indicator is also the fact that condoms with tendrils do not affect the feelings of a man.

If we talk about their differences, then they are withlubrication and without it. It is worth noting that the location of the antennae plays an important role. Specialists conducted studies that showed that the most advantageous location is at the base of the condom. In other cases, they will not affect the feelings of a woman.

Summing up, we can say thatthe use of condoms with a mustache is very individual for each pair. But remember that women's reviews about them are mostly negative, and the degree of protection is much less than that of the usual ones.

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