Syrup of dog rose. Useful properties of natural drugs


Each of us knows the dog rose. This is a prickly bush that was brought to Russia from Iran and the Himalayas. Since ancient times, the plant finds its use as a medicinal and decorative element.

rose hip syrup
Traditional medicine recommends dog rose forrendering an easy diuretic, restorative, antiscorbutic and restorative effect. This plant helps to stimulate the resistance of the human body to the harmful influences that the environment has, and also improves the functioning of the digestive tract. The product normalizes metabolic processes in the liver, helps with bedsores and cholecystitis, as well as alcohol intoxication.

Syrup of dog rose, whose beneficial propertiesare manifested in connection with the presence in it of all the useful elements necessary for the organism, are obtained from the fruits of the medicinal plant. This product preserves all the medicinal properties that berries possess.

syrup dogrose reviews
Externally, rose hips syrup is a viscous liquidconsistency. She tastes sweet. Its color is dark brown. Syrup of dog rose, useful properties of which are enclosed in a magnificent vitamin composition, can exert a fortifying effect on the body. This drug reduces vascular permeability, produces anti-inflammatory effect and improves tissue regeneration. Recommend rose hip syrup for the phenomena of stagnation, observed in the gallbladder. When used, the product has a choleretic effect.

Syrup of dog rose, whose beneficial propertiesare manifested thanks to flavonoids, pectins and tannins, which are included in its composition, is recommended as an immunomodulator. It is able to improve the cerebral circulation.
Got rose hips syrup and howA remarkable drug that relieves stress and overwork. Apply it when taking preventive measures to prevent hypovitaminosis. Recommended healing syrup to improve appetite.

Syrup of dogrose instructions for use
Syrup of dog rose, whose beneficial propertiesespecially manifested in the autumn-winter period, is an excellent multivitamin agent. This drug enriches the body with many useful elements. At the same time, the defensive strength of a person is significantly strengthened, his endurance increases not only with physical, but also with mental overloads, and balanced work of all organs and systems is stimulated.

The curative product increases the coagulability of the blood. When you use it, your eyesight improves. It also helps normalize blood pressure.

Syrup, produced from rose hips, is a powerfulantioxidant. It prevents premature aging and destruction of the osseous system, and plays a significant role in the synthesis of such collagen that we need.

A medicinal syrup is used anddoctors-cosmetologists. It is part of the funds, whose action is aimed at smoothing wrinkles, improving the regenerating functionality of the skin and their elasticity.

Vitamin C, which is in large quantities included inthe composition of the syrup, increases the production of adrenaline and protects it from the oxidative process. This allows you to use the drug to relieve nervous stress and stress.

You should know how to take rose hip syrup. Instruction for the use of the drug indicates preventive dosages, which for children are half a teaspoon per day, and for adults - dessert twice a day. In the treatment, the amount of syrup used must be designated by a specialist.

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