Parental anxiety: how many years the head opens in boys


Many parents, especially moms, are concerned about the question: how many years the head opens in boys. Most often, from birth, it is spliced ​​with special spikes (synechiae), which do not allow it to open completely or at all exclude this process. This phenomenon is called physiological phimosis and is of a temporary nature. Gradually, during maturation and with the growth of the male sexual organ, the foreskin begins very slowly to separate from the head. In the end, and its full opening

How many years the head opens in boys

When exactly does the head open?

In medicine, it is not customary to talk about certainage framework. However, parents who are puzzled by the question of how many years the head opens in boys, should know about some features. This process depends on many factors, which include the individual growth rate and development of a particular child. Therefore, we should prepare for the fact that the discovery can occur at almost any age, and there are no strict norms in this matter.

How many years the boys have a head

The doctors noted that only fourpercent of newborn babies the foreskin is mobile to such an extent that it is possible to safely remove the glans penis. Almost a fifth of all babies this occurs up to six months. But already to three or four years the foreskin starts to move freely at 90 percent of the future men that allows to open a head of a penis without hindrance. Therefore, it is believed that before this time, parents should not be concerned about how many years the head opens in boys.

Opening the head

In the event that the baby quietly goes to the toilet,does not complain about anything, his sexual organ is not inflamed and has a normal color, then no special action is to be produced. The fact is that this part of the penis has a lot of nerve endings, so any manipulation can be very painful.

Some parents, puzzled by the question,how many years the head opens in boys, can take independent actions, aimed at opening the head. However, this can lead to paraphimosis, which will require further surgery. Therefore, the only thing that is required is to monitor the hygiene of the body. Usually in

How many years does the head open?
The bathing area of ​​the foreskin is cleaned independently. And yet the penis and scrotum should be washed with baby soap at least once a week.

What to do if the head does not open

Sometimes it happens that parents are too latewere puzzled by the question of how many years the boys have a head. In this case, there may be a case of pathological phimosis. This disease necessarily requires treatment, because the consequences can be quite serious. For example, during an erection there will be a variety of pains and breaks. Moreover, if you do not take active action, then the sexual act will be impossible or difficult.

When to see a doctor

If parents have doubts, then the questionabout how many years the head opens, you should consult a doctor. The operation can be prescribed if the following symptoms are detected: a change in the foreskin, frequent inflammations of the head of the penis and foreskin, impairment during urination. However, modern low-traumatic techniques can eliminate the problem forever.

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