Preparation Erespal. Analogues


The drug "Erespal" is sold in Russia more than 10years. It is very effective in treating broncho-pulmonary diseases. Edema of the bronchi that occurs as a result of exudative phenomena makes it difficult for the sputum to leave, and it becomes viscous. This causes difficulties in evacuating the bronchial secretion. The drug Erespal effectively copes with bronchial obstruction. It normalizes sputum evacuation, restores gas exchange in the lungs, increases their vital capacity.

The preparation "Erespal" possessesanti-bronchoconstrictive and anti-inflammatory activity. Fenspiride, the active substance of the drug, increases the secretion of proinflammatory factors, bronchial obstruction. It has an antispasmodic effect.

The auxiliary substances contained in the drug "Erespal" are:

- licorice root extract;

- Honey aroma;

- vanilla extract.

The medicine is available in the form of a tablet and in the form of a syrup.

The drug "Erespal" is perfectly absorbed from the gastrointestinal tract. This pharmaceutical product is excreted 90% in urine and 10% through the intestine.

Side effect

The use of the drug can cause nausea, mild tachycardia, epigastric pain, urticaria, erythema, gastrointestinal disorders, angioedema, drowsiness, rash.

special instructions

In the syrup "Erespal" contains a yellow dye, which can cause allergic reactions. People with hypersensitivity to aspirin may also have an allergy to fenspiride.

Preparation Erespal. Analogues

In the treatment of bronchitis, many are wondering - what can replace "Erespal"? Do they have analogues?

An excellent tool that can replace thismedicine - syrup "Bronchicum". This drug has an antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, expectorant effect. Pharmaceutical means "Bronchicum" promotes the dilution of sputum and rapid evacuation. However, when using it, you should be careful, as the patient may experience allergic reactions, such as urticaria, skin rash, and Quincke's edema.

Does the medicine "Erespal" still have analogues? This issue worries many people suffering from permanent bronchitis. The described drug has structural analogs to the active substance - fenspiride hydrochloride. That is, any medication containing this component is an analogue of the "Erespal" remedy.

How to replace "Erespal"? Instead, you can use other medications for bronchitis. For example, pharmaceuticals such as Fluidite, Pulmex Baby, Sinekod Drops, Bronchipret Syrups, Bronchicum, Lazolvan and some other preparations. These medications are all preparations of the "Erespal" analogues.

A wonderful tool used inbronchitis, is the drug "Fluidite." It exerts an expectorant and mucolytic effect and increases the viscosity of phlegm. However, you should pay attention to the side effects of this medication: diarrhea, nausea, flatulence, vomiting, gastrointestinal bleeding, epigastric pain.

Syrup "Lazolvan" is another means by whichyou can replace the drug "Erespal". Analogues like this drug contribute to liquefying sputum, establishing a balance between its mucous and serous component, releasing lysosomes from Clara cells. When using the medication, heartburn, nausea, gastralgia and vomiting may occur.

As analogs of the drug "Erespal" any potent drugs effective in the treatment of bronchitis.

So, there are analogues in the preparation of "Erespal". They should be sought in pharmacies, learn about them in the press and the Internet on specialized websites and forums.

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