Examination before pregnancy is a pledge of the birth of a healthy child


Pregnancy is a responsible step, to be decided onwhich is necessary only after a thorough survey. Many women neglect this important condition, which subsequently leads to depressing consequences. Examination before pregnancy significantly increases the possibility to safely complete the pregnancy and give birth to a healthy and full-fledged child.

A full pre-pregnancy examination includesin itself a round of doctors of the following specialties: therapist, gynecologist, ophthalmologist, dentist, cardiologist and others, depending on the state of health of the future woman in labor.


Every woman who plans a conception shouldto pass gynecological examinations. They include a standard smear on infection, inflammation and microflora. Do not do without an examination on the chair, as a result of which the doctor will be able to determine or assume the presence of any disease. If cervical erosion is diagnosed, conservative treatment should be performed. Cauterization of erosion before the first pregnancy is not recommended, since the scar on the uterus can not withstand a large load with an increase in the uterus during pregnancy.

After an inspection on the chair and a detailedthe patient's questioning about the state of health, the doctor will prescribe ultrasound of the pelvic organs and abdominal cavity, as well as examination of the lacteal and thyroid glands. Ultrasound examination will show organ diseases and the possibility of unimpeded conception in the absence of developmental abnormalities.

When the menstrual cycle is irregular, it is necessary to pass tests for hormones. With imbalance of hormones, hormone therapy will be prescribed, followed by a second analysis.

It is very important for pregnant women planning pregnancyto pass analyzes on an infection. This is necessary to prevent complications of pregnancy and abnormalities in the development of the baby. For example, an infectious rubella disease transmitted during pregnancy can lead to ugliness and disability of the fetus.

Analyzes for sexual infections are included inexamination before pregnancy and examination during pregnancy. These are tests for ureaplasma, mycoplasma, chlamydia, human herpes, cytomegalovirus and other infections.

In case of detection of infections inactive state, that is, capable of causing harm to a woman and bearing pregnancy, it is necessary to conduct treatment. Both partners should be treated, since infections are transmitted sexually.


When you visit a therapist, you need to tell everyoneabout his health and previous illnesses. According to the hospital card and the story, the therapist will appoint the necessary tests and examinations. Mandatory general analysis of urine and blood, biochemical blood test and coagulation analysis.


For self-delivery,the conclusion of the oculist about a condition of eyes of the patient. The predisposition to detachment of the retina under load and pressure on the eyes during labor is studied, as well as other ophthalmic diseases.


During pregnancy, problems withteeth. Due to the reduction in the body of the mother of the amount of vitamins and minerals, there may be increased tooth fragility, the appearance of caries and other dental diseases. Therefore, it is necessary to undergo a pre-pregnancy examination and solve all, even small, problems with the oral cavity in order to reduce the likelihood of manifestations of diseases during the period of gestation. In addition, during pregnancy, anesthesia and x-rays can not be used - this can damage the development of the fetus.

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