"Nazol Baby" - the best remedy for the common cold for children


Preparations "Nazol Kids" and "Nazel Baby" - thisfunds for the treatment of colds, which were created specifically for children. Thanks to phenylephrine, these preparations are well tolerated by the children from the very first days of their life, since during their creation all features of the structure of the vessels in the nasal cavity of babies were taken into account. This they differ from other funds from the common cold for children.

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The drug "Nazol Baby" can be used fortreatment of rhinitis in children from the first days of their life. Due to the fact that it is produced in a special vial, you will not need to use different dosing devices and pipettes. This is very convenient, because they can damage the nasal mucosa of the child.

But the medicine "Nazol Kids" was developed for children from 6 years and is already produced in the form of a spray. It contains eucalyptus, which has a good bactericidal and anti-inflammatory effect.

Medication "Nazol Baby" is a medicinala drug for topical use, in addition, it has a fairly pronounced adrenomimetic activity. This drug has a vasoconstrictive effect, so that nasal breathing during the cold becomes much easier, and your baby can enjoy a night's sleep. Also, the drug contributes to the elimination of edema of the nasal mucosa, the eustachian tube and adnexal sinuses.

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In addition to phenylephrine, the drug "NazolThe effect of this drug is due to the ability of phenylephrine hydrochloride to exert a stimulating effect on alpha1-adrenergic receptors located in the smooth muscle layer of the nasal mucosa due to which there is a narrowing of the vessels and the swelling of the nasal cavity of the baby is stopped.

With topical use of phenylephrine hydrochloridenot absorbed into the bloodstream. The therapeutic effect of this drug comes in 3 minutes after its use and lasts for 6 hours. Complete disappearance of rhinitis occurs approximately 3 days after the start of use of the drug.

Indication and method of drug use

The medicine "Nazol Spray" is used as aindependently, and for complex treatment of children complaining of rhinitis of various etiologies, even allergic. Remedy for the common cold is used to treat acute rhinitis, accompanying diseases such as flu, colds, sinusitis, frontal.

The drug "Nazol Baby" is often prescribed for the treatment of patients who complain of acute otitis media.

This agent is applied intranasally. Before using the drug, it is necessary to clean the sinuses of the nose. Duration of treatment is determined depending on the disease and is individual for each patient.

For the treatment of acute rhinitis in infantsfrom 6 years it is recommended to apply the medicine "Nazol Kids". And the bottle should be used only for the treatment of one patient, since several viruses can be spread during treatment.

Possible side effects and contraindications

Children this drug is usually transferredgood enough, only in some cases there may be burning, tingling of the nasal mucosa, arrhythmia, facial hyperemia, dizziness, arterial hypertension, a sense of incomprehensible fear. It should be noted that these phenomena occurred only with prolonged use of the drug, as well as with increasing dosage.

The drug is not recommended for people,suffering from thyroid gland diseases, diabetes mellitus, hyperthyroidism, arterial pressure and with individual sensitivity to various components of the drug.

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