Free dental prosthetics for pensioners. Free Teeth Prosthesis Program


Absence of even one tooth in a negative wayaffects not only the functioning of the dentoalveolar system, but also the work of the digestive organs. As a result, the entire body begins to suffer. In addition, in the absence of several teeth, the load on the remaining ones increases. As a result, their erasure intensifies, which, in the final analysis, can cause an inflammatory process leading to various periodontal diseases. It is for this reason that it is so important to restore lost teeth in time.

free dental prosthetics for pensioners
Most often such a phenomenon is affected by peopleold age. At the moment in our country there is a program of free dental prosthetics. After all, recovery procedures are very expensive, and pension is often the only income that does not allow such luxury.

Features of the program

In some regions, a freeprosthetics of teeth for pensioners. In this case, all costs are borne by the city administration. The disadvantage of this program is that the patient can not choose the institution where it is more convenient and preferable to receive such a service. Preferential dental prosthetics for pensioners is available exclusively in the municipal clinic. When rendering this service, a contract must be concluded without fail. This document should indicate that the prosthesis was made on preferential terms. In addition, the terms of execution, guarantee obligations, as well as the cost of the procedures should be specified in the contract.

Who should have free dental prosthetics?

The right to receive preferential services is:

  1. Veterans of Labor.
  2. Non-working citizens of retirement age.
  3. Persons with disabilities who have a group in accordance with their state of health.
  4. Children with disabilities are under 18 years of age.
  5. Participants of the Second World War.

In addition, the program is available to people whoseper capita income is several times lower than the subsistence minimum. Also, preferential denture prosthetics for pensioners and for citizens who stand in line as of January 2005 are available.

dental prosthetics for senior citizens free of charge

Such services can be provided free of chargeto count those who are participants in the liquidation of the consequences of the Chernobyl accident. Additional categories of people who can undergo free prosthetics are determined by the appropriate decision of the local government.

Get a full list of those who are included in the program, you can in social protection.

Who else can use the privilege

Affordable prosthetics of teeth is available: veterans of labor and the Second World War; Persons with disabilities who have documented the existence of a group; to the workers of the rear; rehabilitated victims of repression, pensioners.

How is this queue distributed?

In each region of the country a certainorder of priority for the provision of free dental prosthetics for pensioners and other categories of citizens. Take, for example, St. Petersburg. Here the queue for providing preferential services is carried out according to the following principle: first of all, veterans are serviced, as well as veterans of the Second World War, then disabled for health, labor veterans and pensioners.

preferential dental prosthetics for pensioners

In addition to these categories of beneficiaries, those who participated in the liquidation of the accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant can use the service with a 50% discount.

In Moscow and the Moscow region is availabledental prosthetics for pensioners are free, if they do not work. There is a separate line for this category of citizens. Also, a preferential service is available to those who are employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, military pensioners.

How can I use the service

To get the opportunity on preferential termsto set himself teeth, the pensioner must, at the place of his registration, turn to the social security authorities. It should be remembered that each region has its own order of putting on the queue. The service of prosthetic dentistry of pensioners is carried out free of charge only in state dental clinics.

If there are relevant documents issuedsocial security agencies, some private medical institutions may provide this service with a certain discount. Before contacting such a clinic, it should be clarified on what conditions free dental prosthetics for retirees are carried out here and how much it will cost.

To make it easier to keep records of beneficiaries, in some medical institutions created several queues:

  1. The first includes the heroes of the Soviet Union, the participants of the Second World War, minor children with disabilities.
  2. The second usually includes labor veterans, people of retirement age, and also people with disabilities for health reasons.

What services are free

All public hospitals that havedental office, should provide free services to patients who have a medical insurance policy. In this case there is a certain list of services:

  1. Examination of the patient, consultation of the dentist and recommendations.
  2. Elimination of all kinds of damage, canal filling, as well as caries treatment.
  3. Sanitation of the oral cavity.
  4. Removal of various dental deposits.
  5. Treatment of inflammatory processes.
  6. Dental prosthetics for pensioners (free of charge) and for other categories of citizens.

retired dental prosthetics
In addition, prostheses of any complexity are repaired at the municipal clinic, as well as their full replacement if they cannot be restored.

What is not included in the program

There are certain types of services that are not included in the free prosthetics program. These include:

  1. Implant installation.
  2. Prosthetics by metal ceramics, and also by ceramics.
  3. Manufacturing and installation of structures made of expensive metals and materials, as well as the repair of such prostheses.
  4. Creation, as well as restoration of orthodontic appliances, which are designed to prevent increased abrasion of tissues and periodontal treatment.

Exceptions to the rules

Installation is currently provided.designs that are not included in the social program. Such a need arises when the patient has allergies, as well as oncology of certain organs of the digestive system. In such a situation, partial dentures made of more expensive material can be installed.

concessional dental prosthetics for labor veterans

In addition, the beneficiary is entitled to pay the difference between the cost of a regular and more expensive construction. This will be deducted for the installation of such a prosthesis.

It is worth noting that the service of prostheticspensioners can save significant amounts of money and restore the missing elements of the dental system. The patient can install the design that suits him best.

When free dental prosthetics are performed for senior citizens

The restoration of the teeth can be done out of turn. This is allowed in the following situations:

  1. If as a result of the injury the patient lost his teeth.
  2. The presence of cancer of the digestive system, maxillofacial part of the head.
  3. After complex operations performed on the gastrointestinal tract.
  4. In the presence of malignant diseases of some blood-forming organs.

concessional dental prosthetics for the disabled

How to get benefits

To get the right to preferential prostheticsteeth for people with disabilities or retirees, you must contact your social security department at the place of your registration. Here the patient must be queued. It is necessary to have the following documents with you: a certificate from the place of residence; passport; certificate obtained in the clinic, where it is indicated that the patient needs prosthetics; statement; certificate of the pensioner, as well as a medical policy.

How is the procedure performed

In the clinic, where the freedental prosthetics for pensioners and the disabled, you must first get a ticket. It is necessary for the procedure. It should be noted that the service must be provided within 30 days, and only in the dental clinic, which is indicated in the received direction.

At the initial admission contract is concluded,the patient is examined, and the oral cavity is prepared for the installation of ready-made structures. After this, the doctor must remove the casts and determine the color of the tooth enamel so that the future prosthesis does not stand out and looks more natural. At this stage, the patient can make all the wishes, which will be further taken into account.

When the structure is fully prepared, the retiree must come to her fitting. If the patient is satisfied, the doctor can install the prosthesis. The pensioner can use other services:

  1. Removing sick or broken teeth.
  2. Elimination of caries.
  3. Treatment of periodontal disease.

who needs free prosthetics

Denture guarantee

On all designs that were put inwithin the social program, warranty service should be extended. The warranty period is usually 12 months. If the prosthesis has become unusable, its repair or the manufacture of a new one is carried out only on the basis of a special medical report. If it is proved that the construction has fallen into disrepair due to the fault of the dental clinic, its repair or the creation of a new one will be carried out for free.

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