The drug "Pulsatilla". Instructions


The medicine "Pulsatilla Compositum" iscomplex homeopathic remedy. Active substances: meadow D6 chamber, cortisone acetate D18, sulfur D8. The agent has a lactotropic, sedative effect. The drug "Pulsatilla" is available in ampoules containing a transparent, colorless solution for injection. The package may have a different number of ampoules: one hundred (Pulsatilla 200), five. Issued and ten ampoules. In the preparation "Pulsatilla 30" (10 ampoules), as well as other forms of the drug, additional components are water for injection, sodium chloride.

The mechanism of drug exposure is based on the properties of its active components.

Lumbago is used for dermaldiseases, convulsive conditions, inflammatory lesions of the respiratory tract and with a predisposition to colds. The component is shown in disorders of the digestive system, inflammation in the female genitalia, including those accompanied by vaginal discharge. Lumbago recommended during pregnancy and lactation. It is established that the component is capable of stimulating labor. Applied lumbar and with violations in the urinary system, with rheumatic diseases. Use the component for headaches, inflammation in the middle ear, ophthalmic diseases, in measles, mumps, depressions, nervous disorders.

Sulfur is used for various conditions.The component is effective in chronic skin lesions, suppuration, itchy eczema. Apply sulfur and with inflammation (chronic and acute) in the respiratory tract, digestive system, urogenital organs. A component is recommended with weakened liver function, bleeding, hemorrhoids, convulsive condition. Use sulfur for violations in the blood pressure, cardiovascular pathologies, rheumatic diseases, depression, nervous disorders, insomnia.

Cortisone acetate is indicated for lesions in the adrenal glands, connective tissue, anterior lobe of the pituitary gland.

Given the properties of the components, the drug"Pulsatilla" instruction recommends for stimulation of protection systems, connective tissue functions. Homeopathic remedy promotes the enhancement of the action of other biological preparations, in particular, used in the therapy of neoplasms. Indications include states after allopathic therapy. The tool "Pulsatilla" instruction recommends the use to activate and restore the activity of immune systems of the liver, adrenal cortex, anterior lobe in the pituitary. The drug is used in the postoperative period to prevent the effects of antibiotics.

The tool "Pulsatilla" instruction recommends fortransfer of degenerative pathologies into inflammatory (stage of reaction), activation of regressive substitution (vicariation). The drug at the same time prevents the expression of tissue affected by cancer. The fever states arising on the background of biological therapy should not be suppressed. This is due to the fact that with the help of these immune reactions, inflammations and fever states the body tries to destroy or withdraw the affected cells.

The drug is able to activate adnexitis, chronic bronchitis, pneumonia, acute prostatitis and some other pathologies, suppressed earlier.

Therapeutic course begins with the use of one ampoule a day. Subsequently, the dosage is reduced to one ampoule one or three times a week. The exact dosage is determined by the doctor.

Depending on the circumstances, radiation, radiological or radiotherapy may be prescribed to reduce the activity and localization of tumors, and also to remove them.

Before using the tool Pulsatilla, the instruction recommends that you consult a doctor.

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