How to treat myoma of the uterus? Is there an alternative to the operation?


Myoma is one of the most frequently diagnosedbenign neoplasms in the uterus. There are fibroids at any age, unfortunately, the disease has grown very young recently and affects even young women under 30 years old. How to treat myoma of the uterus, when can the disease develop and how can it be recognized in time?

Not always in time visiting a gynecologist, womenoften learn about the myomium at a sufficiently serious stage - the size can reach more than twelve weeks, which is an indication for prompt intervention. At the same time, cervical myoma, whose treatment is predominantly surgical, is diagnosed only in five percent of cases - in the remaining ninety-five percent, surgery is not the only way to get rid of fibroids in the early stages. Most often in order to avoid the re-occurrence of fibroids, doctors recommend removing the uterus. Since the problem of myoma is very acute, and the operation itself is expensive, the Internet resources are full of offers for a qualitative operation to remove the uterus and an easy recovery period. Doing this business, the clinics hide the true consequences of hysterectomy - removal of the uterus, which for a woman is truly deplorable.

To recover after the operation, you needmonths, and not a week, as the sites broadcast. In addition, psychologically, a woman feels her defectiveness, she is removed from her family, children, her husband. In this lies a deep psychological crisis that overtakes a woman at a fairly early age.

How to treat myoma of the uterus conservatively? This question is asked by leading doctors, but such therapy in the treatment of fibroids is rather doubtful. To many, it does not help, but the hormonal system is experiencing an imbalance. But there is no direct information that myoma leads to cancer. So, it is necessary to choose not radical treatment - operation, but to try to influence myoma by other means. By the way, it should be noted that folk methods of treating uterine fibroids are mostly ineffective and lead only to prolonging the process, when the neoplasm already reaches non-therapeutic dimensions.

In the body of a woman there is nothing unnecessary that alreadyOnce or twice having fulfilled, it is possible to delete. Even after childbirth and with the unwillingness to reproduce the offspring, it is not worth removing the uterus and the ovaries, because these are the organs that determine in many ways the health of women. Before treating a uterine myoma surgically, it is necessary to exclude all the possibilities of nonoperative treatment, so that you do not have to reproach yourself for the early menopause and the impossibility of having more children.

Removal of female genitalia leads to terrible consequences:

  • postoperative syndrome is a disorder of the psychoemotional background that can lead to thoughts of suicide and intentions to die;
  • urinary incontinence;
  • pelvic pain;
  • significant reduction in sexual desire;
  • absence or weakening of orgasm;
  • premature menopause.

Today, there are all possibilities to remove only thatmyoma, which affects the quality of life. In this case, you can leave the uterus, eliminating only the node itself. If the myoma does not cause discomfort, then it is best not to operate on it, but to treat it hormonally, and by natural means - to become pregnant. After pregnancy in a significant part of women, the growth of fibroids stops, endometriosis disappears, the hormonal background and the external state improve. When asked how to treat the uterus fibroids, the specialist will answer that pregnancy is the best and natural way out, however, he can not give a 100% guarantee that the fibroid will disappear. Medical statistics and advice of doctors with many years of experience unequivocally tend toward repeated pregnancy, especially if a woman with fibroid thought about replenishing the family again. After all, this is an opportunity not only to give birth to a child, but also to save one's health and extend a full life for many years to come. And it's worth a lot.

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