Sinoflana Ointment: instructions for use and description of the preparation


Ointment "Sinaflan" refers to medicines used for external use. Active active substance of the drug is fluocinolone.

The preparation "Sinoflane Ointment": instruction

Included in the drug acetonide flucinolonais a hormonal synthetic substance. Its action is similar to the work of hormones of the adrenal cortex (glucocorticosteroids). With local external use, this substance has anti-allergic, anti-inflammatory and antipruritic effects. These properties are inherent in the preparation "Sinoflane Ointment" (the instruction confirms this).

Sinoflane Ointment: description and indications for admission

The use of the drug is effective in skindiseases that occur as a result of inflammation or allergies. The drug "Sinoflana Ointment" is prescribed for eczema, which occurs in both adults and children, with allergic skin diseases, itching, in cases of seborrheic dermatitis, neurodermatitis, manifestations of lupus erythematosus. Therapy with this medication is performed with manifestations of psoriasis, with the appearance of red flat lichen, sunburn, as well as burn processes of the first degree (no bubbles) and insect bites.

Medication "Sinoflane Ointment": instructions and contraindications

The drug has some contraindications toapplication. In some cases, the use of ointment is meaningless due to lack of proper therapeutic effect, in others, the drug may have a side effect. It is not recommended to apply "Sinoflan" ointment in the presence of infectious skin lesions, which occur when exposed to fungi, viruses, bacteria. Do not use the drug to treat syphilis and tuberculosis. Ointment is prohibited for tumorous skin diseases (evil and benign). Contraindications also include individual intolerance of the drug, ophthalmic diseases (eye pathology). Do not use the product during pregnancy (in the first trimester) and breastfeeding the baby.

Sinoflane Ointment: instructions and side effects

During treatment, patients may be observedsome negative reactions to the effect of the drug: thinning of the skin, increased hairiness, the appearance of vascular cobwebs and sprouts. When using "Sinoflan" ointment, the affected areas can become infected again, this is due to the oppression of local protective factors. With prolonged use of the drug, systemic effects of glucocorticoids (most often when exposed to extensive skin areas) may occur.

Sinoflane Ointment: remarks and precautions

According to the instructions, the "Sinoflanc" ointment should be applied toseveral times a day (1-2) only on certain parts of the body, since the drug is hormonal. Avoid using the product on large areas of the skin. When treating psoriasis or red flat lichen on top of the ointment, a dressing is required (in other cases this is not required). Very carefully prescribe the drug to kids (from two years old), as well as adolescents during puberty.

When pregnancy is allowed, useof the preparation "Sinoflane ointment" for short courses of treatment and only in 2-3 trimesters, provided that the drug will be used under the supervision of a doctor. As for feeding the baby with breast milk, this process should be suspended for the duration of treatment with ointment. If there is a risk of secondary infection, it is necessary to combine the medication "Sinoflane Ointment" with antimicrobials.

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