Ducane Diet: menu by stages


The Ducane diet today isthe most popular method of weight loss. Probably because the principles of this system of nutrition at the root differ from other existing methods of losing weight.

What is the Ducane diet?

The author of this diet is a nutritionist from FrancePierre Duccan. Its main principle - the use, mainly of those products that have a high level of protein. Thus, the diet of the Ducan menu assumes predominantly proteinaceous, and therefore the main in the diet are eggs, meat and fish.

Results of the first stage and the diet as a wholestriking: for the first period there is a rapid weight loss - about 4-5 kg! This diet is perfect for those people for whom food is, first of all, a way of saturation, and taste variety does not matter. Also, it is almost ideal for those who do not have time to comply with longer diets, and the desire to lose weight is present. Therefore, the diet of Dyukan, whose menu is quite monotonous, can be recommended to absolutely everyone.

Ducane Diet: an approximate menu of each stage

Pierre Duacan divided his diet into four stages, each of which has its own task: attack, alternation, anchoring and stabilization.

At the first stage allowed products can be consumed inunlimited quantity, because in the reduction of weight a huge role is played by proteins. They do not contain a lot of calories, they are well absorbed in the body without causing a feeling of hunger. In large quantities, they require an additional expenditure of calories, that is, the body works hard, which leads to weight loss.

The first stage should last for seven days.It will be extremely difficult for those who are struggling to tolerate monotonous food. The regime is really very complicated, because only foods of animal origin are allowed to eat, in which a lot of protein is meat, fish. Do not exceed the duration of this stage - it can be already at the expense of health.

During the "attack" the level is determinedthe effectiveness of the diet. At this stage, strictly follow the recommendations and use only products of animal origin. Also, the diet of the Ducane menu monotonous is complemented by low-fat dairy products. The diet allows the use of beef (except steak and ribs), horse meat, veal, white chicken or turkey meat, tongue, liver, kidneys, skim milk products, any seafood and fish, as well as eggs. You can also mix these products. In order for the intestine to work properly, you need to add oatmeal or wheat bran to the food and drink at least 1.5 liters of water per day.

The second stage menu implies that everything remains in the dietproducts of "attack", and to them you need to add vegetables - raw and cooked: tomatoes and cucumbers, green string beans, radish and asparagus, as well as pepper and carrots, spinach and mushrooms, cabbage and zucchini, pepper and beets. The number of vegetables consumed per day is unlimited. The principle of nutrition is that the "protein" days alternate with the days of "protein + vegetables" according to the scheme 1: 1, 2: 2, etc. In this case, the order of days can be changed at any time.

It is worth remembering that the alcohol and the diet of Dr. Ducane (her fans' testimonies to that confirmation) are incompatible.

In the third stage You need to consolidate the result and graduallyreturn to the usual diet. The length of the stage should be proportional to the value of the lost kilograms: one kilogram - ten days of "fixing". You can eat the products of the first two stages, 40 grams of cheese, cereals with high levels of starch (corn, rice, pasta), peas, beans, potatoes, 2 slices of bread, fruit (bananas and grapes are the exception).

You can two times a week and a feast for the body to arrange, eating everything you want. Only not the whole day, but at the same time. One "protein" day must be arranged within a week.

At the last stage weight stabilizes.It is necessary to observe only two simple rules: daily to eat oat bran and one day a week to arrange a "protein" day (use only those products whose protein level is high enough). This stage should last a lifetime, and then the diet of Dyukan, whose menu will later become very diverse, will help to keep the beautiful figure for a long time!

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