Red spots on the penis: causes


Red spots on the penis - the most objectivesymptom of trouble in the genitourinary system of men. The causes of their appearance can be various agents - from contact allergens (for example, the components of barrier contraceptives) to the causative agents of various diseases (fungi, bacteria, viruses, intracellular parasites) and cancer.

Of course, most often red spots on the penis area symptom of a sexually transmitted disease. As a rule, such diseases occur asymptomatically, often acquire a chronic form, because the treatment becomes durable and difficult. If you find any red spots on the penis, urgently contact the professionals: a venerologist or a urologist. The red spots on the head, the treatment of which you can consider an unimportant occupation, indicate that there are some problems in your body. Remember: independent disposal of an obvious symptom is not a criterion of cure. You risk getting a long, chronic, sometimes not manifested, disease with all the complications that arise: from banal urethritis and cystitis to oncological diseases of the genito-urinary organs.

So, an overview of the most common reasons for the appearance of red spots on the genitalia of a man:

1. Red spots on the penis: an allergic reaction

It is accompanied by itching, the appearance of red spotswithout clear boundaries that can merge, a small edema. As a rule, it is of an incoming character and appears after the use of barrier contraceptives (condoms, caps or creams in the partner), very rarely an allergic reaction can occur on the protein of the female vaginal secretion. These manifestations decrease and disappear after excluding contact with possible allergens.

2. Red spots on the penis: thrush

Also characterized by itching, the appearance of redsmall rashes, in addition, a touch of curdled consistency with an acidic odor. Fungi of the genus Candida are conditionally pathogenic "inhabitants" of our organism, i.e. are present in the composition of normal microflora, their development is inhibited by "useful" bacteria. So, with a decrease in immunity, fungal growth can begin on its own. But also it is transmitted and sexually. Treatment should be appointed by the doctor, since getting rid of the rash on your own, you can get complications.

3. Red spots on the penis: genital herpes

It is manifested by a bubble rash on the head of the genitalmember with a transparent content, which gradually becomes turbid, unbearable itching, redness. The virus of genital herpes can affect not only the skin of the penis, but also penetrate into the organs and tissues of the genitourinary system. Therefore, it is very important to begin treatment on time.

4. Red spots on the penis: psoriasis

As a rule, it has widespread manifestations onThe skin is not limited only to the genital area. Nevertheless, with psoriasis, red spots have clear boundaries, rise above the surrounding skin, and on their surface are always located whitish scales. Exacerbation of psoriasis usually occurs during the cold period, but it is often caused by ultraviolet radiation, infectious diseases, etc.

Red spots on the penis, as well as varioustubercles, vesicles, sores, painful and painless, accompanied by itching or not - all these manifestations require immediate treatment to a specialist, comprehensive examination and prompt start of treatment. The course must be completed until the end, because the disappearance of unpleasant symptoms does not mean that the pathogen is destroyed. The criterion of cure is the repeated negative result of the examination (for the presence of this or that pathogen) at certain intervals after the therapy. In the case where the symptoms persist for a long time with negative results of the analysis for the microflora, it is necessary to suspect an oncological disease and to conduct a morphological study of the altered tissue.

And of course, one should remember that elementary rules of personal hygiene and a healthy lifestyle will help to avoid the majority of intimate problems.

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