The drug "Poludan" - eye drops for the treatment of viral infections


The drug "Poludan" (eye drops) is widely used in ophthalmology as an antiviral agent. By the way, he induces the synthesis of interferon, and therefore acts as an immunomodulator.

The drug "Poludan" (eye drops): form of release, composition and properties of the drug

The drug is a white lyophilate, which is designed to prepare a solution for instillation. The drug is produced in vials with convenient lids-droppers.

The active substance is a complex of polyuridyl and polyadenyl acids. In addition, the drug contains sodium hydrogenphosphate, sodium chloride and potassium dihydrogen phosphate.

As already mentioned, the drug "Poludan" israther strong immunomodulator of local influence. Under the influence of the drug, the amount of endogenous interferon in the blood plasma, intraocular and tear fluid increases. Parallel to this, the activity of some forms of leukocytes is stimulated. All this leads to an increase in the level of natural immune defense, and, consequently, to the elimination of a viral infection.

The drug "Poludan" (eye drops): indications for use

This drug is used to treat viraleye diseases, and it is allowed to adults and children. It is prescribed for keratitis and superficial keratoconjunctivitis. The drug is quite effective in the fight against conjunctivitis, especially herpetic or adenoviral nature.

Eye drops "Poludan": instructions for use

Before starting the drug, be sure toneed a doctor's consultation. Use of the drops is prohibited on purpose, in order to avoid dangerous consequences. Only an ophthalmologist has the right to prescribe the drug "Poludan" (eye drops). The instruction contains only recommended doses and a mode of use, which can be changed if necessary.

To start the drop should be properly prepared. To do this, it is necessary to dissolve the contents of the vial in two milliliters of purified water for injection. The solution must be stored in the refrigerator. With proper storage and use, eye drops can only be used for seven days. At the end of this period, the drug is already ineffective.

Adults need to dig in two drops from six to eight times a day. With the gradual disappearance of inflammation, the daily amount of instillations can be reduced to 3 to 4 times.

Children are recommended to dig in one or two drops from three to four times a day. As symptoms disappear, the number of uses is reduced to one or two times.

Typically, the treatment lasts about seven days. If by this time no noticeable improvement is observed, a repeated consultation of the ophthalmologist is necessary. In some cases, subconjunctival administration of the drug is necessary to achieve maximum effect.

Quite often, drops are used in combination with other antiviral and antibacterial drugs.

The drug "Poludan" (eye drops): contraindications and possible side effects

Most often the drug is well perceivedorganism, without causing any dangerous consequences. Its only contraindication is an increased sensitivity to the active or auxiliary components of the drug.

In some cases, patients complain of itching andburning sensation, foreign body sensation in the eye. Sometimes there is redness of the eyes and swelling of the eyelids. When these uncharacteristic signs appear, it is recommended to cancel the drug and consult a doctor. Adverse reactions do not require specific treatment and disappear by themselves within three days from the moment of stopping the use of eye drops. There is no information about overdoses.

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