Smegma in boys is a common problem


Smegma is the secret of the glands of foreskin in men and boys, which accumulates under the head and on the furrows of the penis. It consists of fats and a specific non-pathogenic flora - mycobacteria.

smegma in boys
Smegma in boys is a problem for manyparents who do not know about the proper care of the sex organs. Its stagnation can lead to the emergence of infectious diseases, especially in the presence of phimosis.

What is phimosis?

A newborn child has an internal leafletThe foreskin is snug against the head, it is as if glued to it. This is considered the norm and does not require any action on the part of the parents. The boy grows, the sexual organ develops along with the whole body. Approximately in the second or third year of the boy's life there is a gradual independent separation of the foreskin from the glans penis.

smegma in men
It is the smuggling of boys that helps this processit is painless, since it is a fat-like substance that moisturizes the foreskin. There is an effortless, bare exposure to the head of the genital organ. Thus, the smegma in boys is absolutely normal, as in adults, healthy men.

Often parents caring for a child,begin to forcibly remove the foreskin. These actions are unacceptable and can lead to serious injuries and inflammation. Smegma in boys is not a reason for unreasonable manipulation of the sexual organ. The process of separation of the foreskin should occur naturally.

Smegma in men

It should be borne in mind that this is a normal phenomenon,which increases during a period of high sexual activity (aged 18-26 years). Reduces the formation of smegma in men in old age and practically ceases in senile. If you violate the rules of personal hygiene, it stagnates.

What happens then?

Microflora begins to multiply actively, thispromote grease-like lubricants. There is a danger of the appearance of such diseases as balanitis, balanoposthitis and even precancerous diseases (papillomas of the genital organ, etc.) and the cancer of the penis itself. It should be understood that in addition to the fat-like substance, dead cells of the epithelium of the head and foreskin accumulate in the smegma. All this together with the components of urine is an excellent environment for the propagation of pathogenic microflora.

smegma treatment
How is the smegma formed?

Treatment by itself is not necessary; it isa natural physiological fluid necessary for the normal functioning of the male sexual organ. When the extracts are fresh, not stagnant, their color is white and they are usually evenly distributed on the head of the penis. Smegma reduces its friction against the foreskin. In normal condition, it has a spicy aroma. Danger of stagnation is also smegmy, especially when it is excessively secreted.

Avoiding this is simple enough. All substances serving as a lubricant, including smegma, must be removed daily during hygiene procedures. Thorough cleansing of the penis is a guarantee of health. When a man does not do this, the accumulated smegma begins to irritate the foreskin, itching, redness. Irritation promotes the appearance of tumors, more often - in places of friction. Any man should understand the importance of hygiene procedures for his health and well-being. Daily erosion of the genitals is the norm of life. If the boys have enough to do this without moving the skin around the head (due to physiological phimosis), then the mature sexually mature man (whose smuggling process is at the peak), this procedure should be carried out in the most careful way.

It is necessary to understand that education is smigmatic - it is not dangerous and vital. Just need to clearly understand the rules of personal hygiene, starting from a very early age.

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