Bracelet Byanshi: black jade against ailments


Lithotherapy, or treatment of various ailments withusing stones, has an important place in non-traditional medicine. It is believed that the stones have their own energy field, capable of exerting a powerful influence on a person and restoring a shaken health.

One of the most famous medicines of this field of medicine - bracelet Byanshi, made from a unique black jade.

What is Bianshi

Black jade with the unusual name of Byanshi isthe remains of a meteorite that fell millions of years ago on the land of modern China. Jade generally takes an honorary place in Chinese medicine and culture for its healing properties and ability to bring good luck, and such a rare variety of it is valued especially.

The Biansh deposit has been developed almost completely, black jade products are popular all over the world.

Bracelet Byanshi for health

Byanshi is a unique stone. In its composition - the most important for human chemical elements - sodium, potassium, iron, zinc and many others.

It is believed that in the black nephrite Bianshi concludeda special healing power. The infrared radiation produced by the stone is comparable in length to the IR radiation of the human body. The same waves are combined with each other, which causes the resonance effect. As a result, the stone has an energy effect on the body, increases the tone and viability of the cells.

Some researchers Bjanshi assert, that as a result of a rubbing of stones about a skin ultrasound is generated, that salutarily influences metabolic processes and the vascular system as a whole.

The effect of the bracelet Byanshi

According to the research, black nephritis has a positive effect on all the most important organ systems:

• normalizes blood and lymph circulation, activates metabolic processes, as a result, the body is quickly cleared of harmful substances, poisons;

• by accelerating the metabolism helps to get rid of excess weight;

• has a powerful immunomodulatory effect;

• activates the digestive system, removes constipation;

• positively affects the condition of the skin, hair and nails;

• facilitates the course of diseases of the respiratory system;

• has a noticeable analgesic effect;

• has a beneficial effect on the nervous system, promotes relaxation;

• improves the condition of excretory and reproductive systems.

In general, the action of Biansha is not a point, but a general effect. Influencing all the systems of the body as a whole, it improves the general condition and prevents the development of diseases, the body is strengthened.

The effectiveness of black jade in the fight against ailmentsis confirmed by thousands of grateful reviews of people who have tried on his healing effect. Many professional doctors confirm the healing effect of bracelets.

In addition to the unique healing properties, the bracelet of Bjanshi is a wonderful decoration. Made from the most beautiful semi-precious black stone, it looks elegant and elegant.

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