"Heliomycin ointment": description, application and analogues


Man is used to using antibacterialpreparations. Without them, many diseases would be incurable or even fatal. Antibiotics have different forms of release. You can buy in the pharmacy solutions for injections, tablets, capsules, inhalation devices and local products. The latter will be discussed later, in particular, you will learn about how Heliomycin Ointment is used.

heliomycin ointment

Description and description

"Heliomycin ointment" refers to antibiotics anddisinfectants. The drug is available in tubes. The drug is effective against gram-positive bacteria. Also with its help, some other microorganisms are eliminated. The drug is used up to twice a day. If necessary, the product is applied under a bandage or on cotton swabs. Closure of the treated wound should not be earlier than 20-30 minutes after the application of the drug. The therapy lasts from one to two weeks.

"Heliomycin ointment" is purchased withoutspecial purpose. The active substance of the drug is heliomycin. The remedy is widely used in surgery, otorhinolaryngology, traumatology, cosmetology and other branches of medicine. Despite the fact that the medicine is an antibiotic, it is often used by patients independently. Consider what information contains about the preparation "Heliomycin ointment" instruction.

geliomycin ointment

Purpose and limitations: what helps the medicine?

"Heliomycin ointment" is effective in controlling microbes sensitive to heliomycin. The use of the drug is justified with the following pathologies:

  • rhinitis of bacterial origin;
  • pyoderma and eczema;
  • ulcers trophic and decubitus;
  • Acne vulgaris and furuncles;
  • cracked nipples in nursing mothers, accompanied by purulent discharge;
  • pemphigus of newborns;
  • varicose ulcers;
  • long-term healing wounds of soft tissues and skin.

In the instructions for using the drug indicated,that a contraindication to use is only hypersensitivity. But many doctors do not recommend that you also use the drug during pregnancy (first trimester).

heliomycin ointment analogues

"Heliomycin ointment": analogues of the preparation

To date, no production has been carried outabsolute structural analogue. The medication is unique in its composition. But the consumer can easily acquire substitutes that have other active substances. "Heliomycin ointment" and its analogues in this case will have the same effect. Such drugs are always chosen by a doctor, taking into account individual characteristics. Not the last value plays a kind of pathology.

You can replace antibacterial ointment by the following means:

  • "Levomekol".
  • "Sulfargin".
  • Solcoseryl.
  • "Eplan" and others.

Often instead of a drug, consumersget the "Ihtiolovoy" or "Vishnevsky" ointment. But these drugs are not able to cope with some of the pathologies listed above. Therefore, to select the right therapy, you should consult a doctor. Good health to you!

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