Why it will depend on how much is castration cat


If your fluffy and tailed darling does not havepedigree value, and you do not plan to introduce it into breeding, castration is the best option. For males, this is even more urgent than for cats, since cats have sexual instincts even brighter than those of "ladies." The operation will save you from animal screams, escapes from the house, attacks of unmotivated aggression, marks on the territory. If you compare the cost of castration of a cat and the sterilization of a cat, you can see a significant difference in price.

how much does the castration of a cat
Why does it arise? The operation of sterilization of the cat is cavitary, requires a deeper anesthesia, the time lasts longer. Postoperative care is also more difficult, the cat, unlike the cat, is stitched to the wound. The latter returns to the usual way of life after three to five days. If the owner will also consider the problem on the other hand, and not just his selfish desire for peace in the house, then there will be solid advantages. From the life of the pet futile attempts to implement the instinct of reproduction, which in the city can lead to serious injuries or even death. So it turns out that the best way out for both humans and animals is nevertheless castration of cats. The age of the pet allowed for surgery is recommended: from 7 to 10 months.

The price of the service in different vet clinics will differ, since the level of veterinarians varies, and they use materials, tools and equipment of different cost.

castration of cats age
How much does the castration of a cat for the poorowners? For some, the price of an operation is too high. Then you can try these options: some clinics offer a charity program. A big disadvantage is a huge number of people, which means a long queue. There is another way out - to turn to a student or a young inexperienced doctor, for the risk the price of a service is usually much lower. In order not to harm the health of a furry friend, select a competent doctor on the recommendation.

How much does the castration of a cat taken from a shelter cost? Ordinary clinics do not distinguish between animals. Sometimes the necessary manipulations have already been made, then the problem disappears by itself. However, if the owner, when taking a kitten from a shelter, wants to make the operation cheaper, it is necessary to find out in the shelter what clinic they cooperate with and ask for a discount in it.

castration of cats at home

How much does the castration of a cat at home cost? Usually it depends on the institution, sometimes the priceSuch a method is higher because it involves calling the doctor at home. However, many clinics provide an equal cost for surgical intervention in the operating room and at home. The latter option has a number of advantages, such as the lack of a potential danger of catching an infectious disease from other animals and minimizing the stress of a trip. Nevertheless, one should also be aware of shortcomings. Castration of cats at home is not possible for animals with existing diseases of internal organs, and there is always a risk that resuscitation or other medical procedures that can not be carried out at home is not always possible.

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