Drops "Tonginal": instructions, reviews


The effectiveness of homeopathic remedies causesa lot of different disputes. But, despite disagreements between doctors and patients, such drugs are very popular in our country and are produced in large volumes.

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One of the often purchased homeopathic remedies is the "Tonginal" medication. Instructions for use, the form, composition and indications of this medication are indicated below.

Packaging, shape, composition

The drug "Tonginal", the instruction of which is describedfurther, is a homeopathic drop that has a faint aroma of camphor. They are intended for oral administration and are available in a vial of dark glass with a dispenser-dropper. The main ingredients of this remedy are: Glonoinum, Tabacum, Veratrumalbum, Camphora, Acidum hydrocyanicum and ethyl alcohol.

Pharmacodynamic properties

How does a homeopathic remedy such as "Tonginal" work? The instruction states that the pharmacological effect of this medication is determined by the properties of the basic substances that it contains.

The droplets under consideration contribute to the restoration of the balance of activity of the parasympathetic and sympathetic autonomic NA. In people with vagotonia, they significantly enhance the tone of the sympathetic NA.

It should also be noted that this medicinenormalizes blood pressure, improves blood vessels and heart. It reduces the frequency and intensity of vegetative crises and increases the resistance of the human body to loads of a different nature (for example, psychoemotional or physical).

What other properties are inherent in the tool "Tonginal"? The instruction says that this drug normalizes the venous outflow and regulates the tone of the vessels of the brain, improving blood circulation in them. It also promotes a better metabolism in the heart muscle and reduces the excitability of the vestibular apparatus.

tuginal instructions for use

Thus, the medication in question adapts patients with hypotension, vestibular disorders, vegetative pathology and significantly improves their quality of life.

Indications for taking homeopathic drops

For what reasons can a patient be prescribed a drug such as Tonginal? The instruction states that the indications for the use of this drug are the following states:

  • vestibular disorders, including Meniere's syndrome;
  • VSD, accompanied by hypotensive disorders;
  • syndrome diencephalic;
  • syndromes that occur with autonomic disorders.

Contraindications to the administration of homeopathic drops

In what cases are the "Tonginal" drops contraindicated? The instruction, attached to this remedy, states that it is not recommended to be prescribed for hypersensitivity and alcohol dependence.

As for the period of breastfeeding and the time of pregnancy, under such conditions the medication is used only for the doctor's prescription.

Medication "Tonginal": instructions for use

The drug in question can be prescribedadults and adolescents. Typically, the drops are used in pure form or pre-diluted in ordinary drinking water. For patients from 12 years, this medicine is recommended to take in the amount of 10 drops.

drops tongin instruction

As for children under one year, thisthe medication is prescribed to them one drop three times a day after the meal or before it. As a rule, such a preparation for babies is bred in 1 large spoonful of water or milk.

Children before the onset of 12 years of age "Tonginal" appoint 7 drops. They are also pre-diluted in water and taken for half an hour before or after dinner.

To achieve the maximum therapeutic effect, before swallowing, the medication in question is held in the mouth for a short amount of time.

If a rapid decrease in severity is requiredsymptoms of the disease, then adults are prescribed a drug of 8-10 drops every 30 minutes. As for children under 12, they are given 3-5 drops each, and children up to one year - up to 8 times a day, one drop with a small amount of water or milk. After that, they switch to the usual dosing regimen - three times a day.

The recommended period of treatment for this drug is 2-3 months. If necessary, the course can be repeated.

Adverse Events

Does the medication that we are considering contribute to the occurrence of adverse reactions? According to the instruction, this remedy does not cause undesirable effects.

Price and reviews

Now you know how the "Tonginal" drops work. The instruction for their use was described above.

tuginal preparation instruction

The cost of this drug varies bythe limits of 550-570 rubles. According to reviews of most consumers, the price of this medication is very high. In this case, they argue that the droplets in question allowed them to overcome vegetative vascular dystonia and hypotension. When using the drug in patients very quickly restored normal state of health, stopping the headache, dizziness and symptoms of meteorological dependence.

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