"Nikoin" (spray): reviews of doctors, instructions for use, contraindications


Smoking is a harmful habit, from whichvery many depend today. Just one cigarette you can find not only nicotine, but also carcinogenic resins, other toxic substances. They affect the human body as a strong narcotic stimulant. It is for this reason that we are getting addicted, which is very difficult to get rid of. When a person quits smoking, his mood changes immediately, his sleep is disturbed and he constantly pursues irritability. How to get rid of this terrible habit without harming the body? It's very simple, if you have Nikoin (spray). Customer feedback on this innovative product is amazing. Smoking is not desirable even after the end of the course of treatment.

nicotine spray reviews

Composition of the spray

As it turned out, the spray against smoking "Nikoin" is notonly helps once and for all to forget about cigarettes, but also has a beneficial effect on the human body due to its composition. It contains essential oils, hawthorn and St. John's wort extracts, as well as other useful microelements and vitamins. The composition of the spray "Nikoin" contains everything you need not only to stop smoking, but also to feel good after that. After all, the adaptive period is sometimes not so easy to pass so as not to fail.

PP vitamin (or nicotinic acid)

This acid appears when the cigarette burns. The most interesting thing is that this vitamin has a positive effect on a person. It improves blood flow, supplies internal organs with oxygen, removes excess cholesterol from the blood and helps restore normal metabolism. However, during smoking you get a huge amount of harmful substances that slowly destroy the body from the inside. As for the spray against smoking, this vitamin is contained in its pure form and does not cause harm to health.

St. John's Wort

Forget about the constant irritability. St. John's wort extract, which is part of the spray helps the body to survive the refusal of smoking. He relieves anxiety and restores normal sleep. In addition, St. John's wort is very useful for the body. It removes excess fluid and improves the functioning of the heart.


Relieves nervous tension, significantly improves mood and even increases efficiency.

Do not forget that hawthorn infusions are often taken to improve sleep and normalize blood flow.

Essential oils

They help get rid of cough, create an obstruction for infections and have a general strengthening effect on immunity.

After a person quits smoking, his body becomes even more sensitive to various diseases. Essential oils can help prevent their appearance.

How the Nikoyne Spray Works

nicotine spray from smoking reviews

The components of the drug very quickly reachof all cells of the body for the reason that the aerosol is absorbed through the mucous membranes and enters directly into the blood. When a person does one injection, along with him, he receives a small dose of nicotinic acid. This amount is enough to eliminate the need for a cigarette.

Very quickly won consumer attention"Nikoin" (spray). The testimonies of those people who have already tried it on themselves make it clear that the drug actually works. A complex of useful substances and medicinal plants allows you to refresh the oral cavity and even heal the respiratory system. You will never remember what a cough is.

Effect from use

spray nicoin reviews of doctors

  • All symptoms of the consequences that usually occur after quitting are eliminated.
  • Elimination of nervous tension.
  • Sedative effect (lung).
  • There will be no shortness of breath and coughing.
  • The craving for smoking is overcome in a few weeks.
  • Excellent mood (a feeling similar to what we get after one cigarette smoked)

Why is the best means of smoking - this spray "Nikoin"

spray nicotine contraindications

Why is it so popular now?does it use the spray "Nikoin"? The opinions of the doctors are impressive. They give the consumer confidence that the product actually works and does not contain anything that could harm your health.

Why should your choice fall precisely on "Nikoin":

  • It is proved that the preparation is absolutely clean from the ecological point of view.
  • The composition is natural, this is confirmed by the certificate of compliance, which is valid for the territory of all CIS countries.
  • Clinical trials have proven that the effect after the use of aerosol is, and it manifests itself after 10-14 days.

How to apply the spray "Nikoin"

nicotine spray from smoking instruction

The form of the preparation is very convenient. It allows a person to use the drug in absolutely any places. It does not matter whether you are at home, in transport or at work - the spray "Nikoin" is always available for use.

If you have an acute desire to smoke, then you need to use "Nikoin" - a spray from smoking. The instruction assumes the following actions:

  • Spray should be gently sprayed throughout the oral cavity, two clicks on the dispenser will be enough.
  • A few minutes after the componentsthe drug will get into the blood, you will have a feeling that you have already smoked a cigarette. At once the desire to smoke will disappear, cheerfulness will appear and irritability will disappear.
  • The effect after taking the remedy is noticeable onfor 3-4 hours, then you need to use the aerosol again. In fact, it all depends on how you are an avid smoker. Usually in the first days the remedy is applied no more than 8-9 times a day, in time you will notice that the number of receptions is gradually reduced.

It is enough 10-20 days for a personcompletely abandoned cigarettes. Spray "Nikoin", the instruction on which application was presented above, is very simple to use and helps to get rid of nicotine addiction even to people with a long experience of smoking.

Truth or deceit

spray against smoking nicoin

To date, there is a hugethe number of the most diverse means, whose manufacturers promise to relieve you of nicotine addiction. These are various patches, chewing gums and much more. But none of these methods has yielded results such as "Nikoin."

What is the consumer response to Nikoin (a spray fromsmoking)? Reviews at the moment have been received only positive. This is the newest development against nicotine addiction, which is on the market. The composition contains only natural ingredients that help improve the general tone of the body, relieve the craving for cigarettes completely. At the end of the course, you will never have the desire to smoke again. At least, this assures the manufacturer.

The spray has undergone repeated laboratory testsand tests, the required documentation and product quality certificates were obtained. The manufacturer gives a guarantee that the product is not capable of harming a person's health.

What do doctors say about this drug,how is the spray "Nikoin"? The doctors' opinions are not divided, but they unanimously assure the consumer that the product is quality and effective. In any case, there are no chemical additives in the composition, so you will not lose anything if you experience "Nikoin" on yourself. The calls of others are not always worth believing. It is possible that this particular remedy will help you forget about what nicotine addiction is.

Duration of treatment

In practice, it was checked that the most inveterateThe smoker needs to use the remedy for three months in order to completely forget about cigarettes. The product is natural, so if you do not have allergies to some of its ingredients, it is not capable of harming your health.

If you managed to get rid of nicotinebut after a while they could not stand it, and still they took a cigarette, then the doctors recommend to undergo another course of treatment. There is only one rule - the time interval between doses of the drug should not be less than six months.

It is not advised to take Nikoin at the same time as other products aimed at fighting smoking. The fact is that their simultaneous use will only reduce the effectiveness of the spray.

Want to quit smoking - effective help will have "Nikoyin" (spray). Feedback from consumers and doctors is positive, which means that the drug is actually able to provide effective assistance.

Avoiding fakes: useful tips

After the spray "Nikoin" appeared on sale, and proved its effectiveness, counterfeiters from outside distributors began to appear.

What to protect yourself from the acquisitionpoor quality products, do not buy the product from unauthorized persons. Original products can be bought only directly from the manufacturer, or from companies that cooperate with him.

Be sure to verify that the distributor has all the necessary licenses for the sale of the drug. Check the package contents and instructions.

Laboratory research: results

Before you get to the consumer market,smoking spray "Nikoin" passed all the necessary clinical studies. As volunteers, there were 300 people. A preliminary questionnaire was conducted, which showed that most of the applicants had already tried repeatedly to quit smoking, but they did not succeed.

All volunteers were divided into two identicalgroup. The first group was to try to give up nicotine addiction with the help of the spray "Nikoin", and the second group used other methods for this.

The results, which were obtained at the end of the experiment, plunged scientists into a shock state. Nobody expected this.

Results of the first group:

  • Scientists asked the first group to say thatthey think about "Nikoin" (spray). Reviews were received only positive. 98% of the volunteers of this group completely abandoned cigarettes in a few days. In addition, they noted for themselves that significantly improved health, sleep became deeper, there was no breathlessness and coughing.

spray nicoin instruction

Results of the second group:

  • Only 15% of all participants were able to quit using other means. In addition, 80% of them after a while again took up a cigarette. The test failed.

Why should I quit smoking?

Everyone knows that smoking is verybadly damages health. Skin aging is faster, there is severe shortness of breath and cough. Then the person becomes irritable until he smokes a cigarette. This is a very strong dependence, which is difficult to overcome.

When the market appeared "Nikoin" (spray fromsmoking), reviews of grateful consumers showered from all sides. Many were able to put aside a pack of cigarettes and no longer returned to this habit.

It was proved that, 3 weeks after the refusal of cigarettes, the body begins to change.

Here's what happens:

  • From the bone marrow completely removed nicotine, accumulated slag and tar.
  • Lungs begin to process more oxygen (the difference is approximately 80% than in the case of a smoker).
  • Nervousness disappears and you no longer feel dependent on nicotine.
  • Skin color improves, yellowness disappears from the hands and nails.
  • The desire to consume alcohol disappears, the constant feeling of hunger disappears.

As you can see, there are really many improvements, maybe it will be an incentive for you to quit smoking.

Spray "Nikoin": contraindications

The product was created on the basis of natural components, so there is no contraindication to its use. The only nuance is an individual intolerance to the components.

"Nikoin" can be taken even by pregnant women. During the gestation period, it is strongly recommended to completely abandon bad habits, such as alcohol and cigarettes. The reason is that this can later affect the health of the child. "Nikoin" will help you quit smoking, and you will be able to provide a healthy future for your child.

It is also known that older people should not quit smoking abruptly. Here, too, to help come "Nikoin" (spray). It will improve health and avoid unpleasant consequences.

Abandoning bad habits is the guarantee of your health in the future. Use the spray "Nikoin" in order to quit smoking make sure that you will feel much better.

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