The heart hurts what to do and what not to do


No, probably not a single adult,who would at least once in his life have not felt anxiety because of pain in the heart. This is a very disturbing symptom, but in fact it does not always indicate that the signal comes from this body. Often, referring to the doctor with the question: it hurts the heart, what to do, as a result of the examination, we get diagnoses completely unexpected. But in any case, without attention to leave unpleasant sensations of this nature can not in any case.

So, when does the heart ache, what should I do? First of all, do not panic, but call a doctor. Only he can give you an accurate diagnosis. And, maybe, you will calm down, having learned, that business at all does not concern your "engine". Or vice versa, finally take up the treatment, because previously did not pay for weak alarms. It is negligent attitude to small ailments in the heart area that eventually causes a terrible disease - myocardial infarction, which at the best will make a person disabled in the prime of life, and at worst - will end with a fatal outcome. So, the first and most correct answer to the question: if the heart hurts, what to do - to call an ambulance and continue to follow exactly according to the instructions of specialists.

In order not to bring the situation to critical, whenin the heart area there is frequent tingling or weak sensations of pain, which give unpleasant minutes, you need to begin to strengthen the heart in advance. There are many methods and they are quite accessible to everyone.

Answer the question: if it hurts the heart, what to do - let's start by abandoning all bad habits, including alcohol, tobacco and a sedentary lifestyle. Next, we begin to give the heart a feasible load. The well-known saying that it is possible to escape from a heart attack is not unfair. Therefore, you need to use this method, but start with walking, gradually moving to a faster pace. By the way, this technique will be most effective if the outdoor exercises are interspersed with physical labor, which to some extent strains the heart muscle, making it stronger and adapting to overloads. The ventricles begin to work harder, and the blood is pushed through the vessels more intensively.

Good effect on strengthening the heart of bicycle riding. When winding the pedals, the heart is also forced to work well to keep the cells of the body with oxygen.

Cardiovagazone together with strength training,for example, daily physical exercise using dumbbells, can be a good reason for the development of endurance of the heart muscles. And pensioners are recommended for fitness. And the people of old age behave correctly, who run the marathon and attend aerobics, and do other kinds of sports. That's it, they just do not need to worry about starting a heart treatment, as it is more and more worried.

Well, if it all happened that the doctor prescribed heart treatment, too, do not fold your hands and prepare for the worst. On the contrary, this is normal when you know the reasons for your illness. So now we need to take measures to defeat it.

Having taken the prescribed course of cardiotherapy, we oftenwe forget that alarming symptoms can return. To prevent this from happening, you need to go to a specialist once every six months. The rest of the time in his medicine cabinet to keep those preparations which are a lifesaver when a sleeplessness, feelings of anxiety and nervous condition. Among them - a well known valokordin that will bring the desired peace.

It's good to have supplements like riboxin and asparks that help saturate the heart with oxygen and balance the heart muscle.

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