How to eat grapefruit: some nuances


Grapefruit is today one of the mostmysterious fruits not only due to controversial taste, but also due to the huge number of legends and myths around their origin and properties. Some consider it a useful fruit, others are almost the cause of cancer. Who is right? How do grapefruit eat those who have already figured out its harm and benefit?

how to eat grapefruit

Some products have the properties of burningfats. One of them is grapefruit. But not only this is its uniqueness. This fruit also lowers the level of insulin due to the pectin in its composition, which slows the rate of penetration into the blood of glucose, which inhibits the release of insulin. In the fruit there is a lot of vitamin C. But, in addition to the pluses, there are some negative aspects. How do they eat grapefruit so that it only benefits?

It is believed that the use of these fruits increasesrisk of breast cancer. However, unconditional proof of this is not found. Grapefruits are incompatible with a number of medicines (they neutralize the effect of contraceptives and antidepressants). Therefore, you need to be careful with them. There is an opinion that grapefruit harm can bring quite palpable. But it is worth repeating - nowhere in the world has so far been carried out large-scale studies of its properties that would prove the presence in the fruit of useful or harmful substances and components.

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Of course, do not give up grapefruit,just need to approach everything sensibly. First, literate people will never eat them on an empty stomach, as fruit juice adversely affects the health of teeth, gums, esophagus and stomach (high acidity). Secondly, do not use them while taking medication.

The best thing is grapefruit after physical and nervous overload, during recovery from illness (but after the end of taking all medications).

How to eat grapefruit are those whose goal is to lose an extrathe weight? Nutritionists recommend only one fruit per week. In such quantities, grapefruit will have a beneficial effect on digestion. The organic acids, fiber, pectins, vegetable proteases, lignin of rigid partitions in it accelerate the progress of food, promote the cleansing of the intestine, activate the work of the liver and (indirectly) improve fat metabolism.

grapefruit harm
How to eat grapefruit according to the rules of etiquette?

Before serving, the fruits need to be washed warmwater to the appearance of a weak, but quite clear citrus smell. The rind is cut horizontally - so as to expose the flesh, but do not touch it. Then a "column" of fruit is cut from the center and gets. The flesh is squeezed gently with a spoon until the juice appears. A little sugar is poured into the indentation.

Fruit should be continued to squeeze the spoon, draining the juice and the separated pulp into a separate bowl. You can serve in wide glasses, if necessary add a little more sugar.

Grapefruit, a photo of which is familiar to every lovercitrus, today many people eat before meals, which has a positive effect on the regulation of body weight. The fruit really belongs to the dietary products. It has such properties: binds free radicals, lowers cholesterol, regulates the fat content, reduces blood pressure, suppresses microbial activity, improves digestion, activates the exchange of sugars, heals from periodontitis and perfectly tones.

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