Analysis for ascarids. Ways of infection with ascarids


Ascarids are common worms. They are considered the most common on earth. Such parasites live about 2 years and have impressive dimensions. They can cause significant harm to the human body and cause certain inconveniences. To prevent this from happening, it is necessary to regularly conduct various preventive measures, which we will discuss in detail in our article.

Description of worms

These worms can be up to 40 centimeters long. Where do these worms live? Ascarids are female and male. Their habitat is the intestine. If the body contains representatives of both sexes, the female carries eggs. And she does it in large numbers. Namely about two hundred thousand a day. Not always there are individuals of both sexes. There are cases when in the body only a female or only a male. If there is only a female in the intestine, it will also carry eggs. True, they will be false. And if there is only a male, then they will not be. Ascaris eggs can be seen in human waste. Interesting is the fact that they can not die before 10 years under certain conditions.

ascarid analysis

You should also know that chemical water treatmentdoes not do them any harm. But the high temperatures destroy the eggs of Ascaris. In order for the larva to appear, oxygen is needed. In this connection, their occurrence in the intestine is impossible. Also, the larvae need time to emerge from the egg. This period varies from several days to several weeks, depending on the conditions. This means that from a person who has parasites in the body, you can get infected, but the probability is small.

Sources of danger

Since the eggs go out with the feces, and even ifto assume that they somehow find themselves on the skin of another person, then ordinary hygiene will ensure their flushing from the skin before the time when the larvae appear. Typically, ascarid worms enter the body through fruits or vegetables that have not been sufficiently processed. Greenery from the garden is also a dangerous source of infection. Even through the usual parsley, eggs can enter the body. This is due to the fact that the fertilizer may include contaminated human waste. This should always be remembered and carefully washed with greens and vegetables before consumption in raw form.

Another distributor of ascaris eggsare flies. Therefore, you should ensure that they do not sit down on food. It is better to get rid of them altogether and not leave food in the open air or in the room where these insects fly. It must be remembered that they could fly from the toilet.

Stages of the disease development

How do ascarids develop in humans? If eggs get into the body, in which the development of the larva has begun, then they enter the intestine. Larvae appear there. Then they are absorbed into the blood and transferred to the lungs of a person. Of these, the larvae pass through the bronchi into the oral cavity, and then again descend into the intestine. The whole process takes 2 weeks. In the intestine larvae grow and become adults, which begin to lay eggs. As a rule, the habitat of ascaris is the small intestine. But they can also go to other departments.

Ascaris eggs

There are cases that intestinal worms canmigrate to other systems of the human body. The reasons for their movement can be several. Namely, high body temperature, taking small doses of preparations against worms, treatment with folk remedies and so on. Switching worms to other organs can be dangerous to health. In some cases, there may be a threat to life, for example, when the worms are in the lungs.


What are the ways of infection with ascarids? Let's consider them:

  • Poor handling of food.
  • The use of untreated water, including from springs. There is no guarantee that the water did not come into contact with any places where human waste is located.
  • During trips to nature you can get eggs from worms from the soil. Usually this happens in children who spend a lot of time on the ground playing various mobile games.

These are the ways of infection with ascarids. There is one way that you can catch worms. It is rare, but there have been cases. Transmission of worms can occur through the placenta.

How to determine that the body worms? Ascarids in the lungs

Signs that the human body is infectedThis disease depends on the stage of development of parasites. For example, if they get into the lungs at the initial stage, Liffler's syndrome may develop or pneumonia may start. Below are listed the signs, thanks to which you can find out about the presence of larvae in the lungs.

  • Cough of a dry nature. It is also accompanied by pain in the chest.
  • The pain is hard and sharp. Becomes heavy breathing, dyspnea appears. The patient is coughing sputum, which contains blood secretions.
  • Appears hives.
  • The body temperature rises, but not much.
  • The liver is enlarged.

blood test for ascarids

This condition lasts about a week, the cough may last longer. Then all the symptoms pass, and self-healing begins.

How does the intestinal worms manifest?

Signs that the ascarids are in the human intestine:

  • There are pain in the abdomen.
  • Appetite disappears.
  • The man is sick and vomits.
  • Diarrhea begins.
  • A person loses weight.
  • If we are talking about a child, then he does not have enough body weight for growth and development.
  • There is an allergy.
  • In children, the inhibition of thinking appears.

What complications of the body can cause ascariasis?

  • First, the intestine can be presenta large number of worms that form a tangle. Then there will be obstruction of food. This position of the human body is called acute surgical pathology.
  • Secondly, worms can get into other human organs, then surgical intervention may be necessary. For example, if they get into the gallbladder.
  • Thirdly, ascarids can cause pancreatitis. This disease develops when the worms block the bile ducts.

What are the methods of diagnosis?

What analyzes hand over on ascarids? I would like to note that the presence of eggs in the stool indicates that the person is infected with worms. It would seem that the easiest way to diagnose a disease is to pass an assay for ascarids.

But there are nuances, because of which it is impossibleto establish that in the human body there are worms. Analysis of feces for ascarids does not always indicate the presence of parasites. Note that during the first month, when the larva has not yet grown into mature worms, there will be no eggs in the feces. If the body is infected only by males, then it will also be impossible to determine their presence in the body from the study of feces.

What else can you pass the test for ascarids? There is a test system, but it is ineffective. Although it can also be done if there is a suspicion of the presence of parasites. In addition to the study of feces, you can take a blood test for ascarids. And he can show the presence of parasites at an early stage of their development, as well as of males. If an immunoglobulin is found in the blood, then this may be a sign that the organism is infected with ascarids.

when is it better to take an analysis

Immunoglobulins provide protection of a person fromparasites. Therefore, their presence in the blood suggests that the body is fighting worms. But this indicator can also be present in the blood because of allergies. Then there will be an analysis for ascarids negative. Therefore, only a doctor can make an accurate diagnosis of all the results of a survey of the child's organism or adult. Including for accurate diagnosis will require a blood test for ascarids.

How to treat?

First of all, special drugs are prescribed,such as Albendazole and Mebendazole. The medicine "Pirantel" also helps. In addition to these drugs, Piperazine is also prescribed. This remedy is prohibited in some countries. Its action is based on the immobilization of worms. Also, the medicine has a preventive effect on the intestine in case of its extensive infection. The drug "Piperazine" is usually prescribed for pregnant women and children.

Fecal delivery after therapy

When is it better to take a stool test to confirmrecovery? After the course of treatment, a re-examination is necessary. And such tests will need to be done 2 times. First the control material is collected after 3 weeks, and then after another month. After this, the analysts decipher the analysis for ascarids. Repeat the procedure is necessary due to the fact that in the body, in addition to adult worms, there may be larvae at the developmental stage or eggs. In order to avoid re-infection, the doctor prescribes an additional study. The results of tests on ascarids will show whether a person is healthy or not.

Folk methods

People's means in the fight against ascarids needuse with caution, as they can harm the body, and not cure this ailment. First of all, this method is suitable for people with a high immune system, which will need a little support through folk methods. In any case, you need to consult a doctor. The fact is that with weak treatment, worms can go from the intestine to other parts of the human body, which can cause great complications. If the doctor allowed the use of folk remedies, you can consider some of them. But first you need to go through the necessary research for diagnosis. Where to pass the analysis for ascarids? This will tell you the doctor in charge. Usually such studies are conducted in central clinics. Also, the analysis for ascarids can be done in private laboratories.

results of tests for ascarids

The most effective folk remedy in the fight againstAscaridosis is garlic. First, a special mixture is prepared. To do this, the garlic is cut and choked, a homogeneous mass is made, which is infused with a water bath. After the garlic mush is ready, we proceed to treatment. You can take garlic in two ways: eat it several times a day in small portions or do enemas at night. The peculiarity of this treatment is that the ascarids will not go down from the garlic, but upwards. Namely in the stomach. There they will perish and come out together with human waste. But if the worms are very much, then the stomach can not cope with their processing. Then the ascarids can rise higher and start to go out through the mouth or nose. Therefore, this method of treatment is quite dangerous. It is necessary to consult with a doctor before starting such therapy.

What preventive measures can be taken to prevent ascariasis?

This disease is considered quite common inour country. Therefore, it is important to follow preventive measures in order not to become infected with worms. In the risk zone are children. This is due to the fact that they spend a lot of time on the ground or in the sandbox, on playgrounds, in parks and other places. The easiest way to protect children from this disease is to teach them to observe hygiene. Namely, wash your hands after a walk without fail, do not eat dirty food. It happens that children by carelessness can drop a product on the ground, and then pick it up and eat it. It is necessary to explain to babies that it is strictly forbidden to do so. Also in the places of children's games it is necessary to do regular cleaning: to wipe children's objects on the playground, loosen sand and so on.

In addition to the above, it is recommended to carry out other measures to combat the development of this disease.

  • Detect infected children or adults and refer them to treatment.
  • To protect the land from waste products.
  • Conduct conversations with people about this disease and the causes of its appearance in the human body.

When planning prevention classesAscaridosis should take into account the characteristics of the environment, where these events will be conducted. It is worth paying attention to how the life of people is organized, what way of life they lead, what they do. It should also take into account the level of infection with the disease in a particular area and determine the format of future measures for the prevention of ascaridosis. It is necessary to know that in some regions of the country there are foci of this disease. There is a mandatory de-worming for people.

worms of ascarids

First of all, it is necessary to pay special attention to cleaning the soil from feces. It should be explained to people that contaminated soil with human wastes leads to the spread of the disease.

The easiest way to get rid of fecesis their placement in a cesspool. It should be closed for 24 months. After the expiration of this period, the eggs of the parasites will completely die. Then it will be possible to use these wastes as fertilizers. This method is fairly simple and does not require special expenses, therefore it is recommended to use it for all gardeners and gardeners in places where soil is not cleaned. The degree to which people are aware of sanitary norms and personal hygiene influences the level of ascaridosis in a given region.

What kind of doctor should I contact if I suspect of ascariasis?

First you need to make an appointment fortherapist or pediatrician. These specialists will prescribe the required examination and treatment. Also there are doctors of a narrower profile - an infectious disease specialist and a parasitologist. You can refer to them. Before visiting a doctor, you should observe your body. At the reception you need to describe the symptoms in detail.

The peculiarity of the disease is thatearly stage there are certain difficulties in diagnosing. Even the results of the tests may not show the presence of parasites in the body. Therefore, an accurate description of the symptoms will allow the doctor to make the correct diagnosis and prescribe a treatment. Do not be shy to tell a medical professional that you have eggs in the stool, as the earlier treatment is prescribed, the better.

What if the worm has a baby?

If there are suspicions of the disease inchild, it is also worth watching and immediately contact a specialist. If the child is small, then maybe he should not say that he has worms in his stomach, since he may not be ready for this psychologically.

where to pass the analysis for ascarids

The main thing is to carry out the necessary treatment and get rid ofthis ailment. It is also worth analyzing where the child could get infected. If the parent is sure that this happened in a children's institution, then it is necessary to notify his leadership about this. It is also worth contacting the Sanitary and Epidemiological Station and talking about your suspicion. This must be done in order to carry out appropriate measures to clean the environment in this institution.

A small conclusion

Now you know what the roundworms are. We examined the main symptoms of the presence of such worms in humans. Methods of diagnosing the disease, including the analysis of feces for ascarids, were studied. We also described possible treatments and preventative measures. We hope that the information in this article was helpful to you.

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