"Molimed" (gaskets): description and reviews


"Molimed" - pads that help people withsuch a delicate problem as incontinence. The manufacturer took care and developed several options for this product, depending on the degree of the disease.


Many elderly people face such ailmentwomen, as well as newly-born young mothers. Unfortunately, it is not always possible to completely cure this disease. For this reason, the use of special gaskets is inevitable.

When enuresis is very difficult to control the processurination. It is not always possible to go to the toilet regularly. For women, this is a huge stress. Afraid to get wet on people, they often fall into a depressed state. "Molimed" - gaskets, which will help to avoid this kind of incidents. Even at night, incontinent women fear that they will not be able to control the situation. Therefore, the use of urological pads is a real salvation for them.



Presence in drugstores of the means allowingcope with the consequences of enuresis, can not but rejoice. Urological pads for women "Molimed" are designed specifically for those who suffer from this disease. They are intended for those with mild incontinence.

Advantages are:

  • Anatomical shape, thanks to which the product fits snugly to the body.
  • Sorption layer, instantly absorbing liquid. It allows you to quickly hold the urine inside the gasket and prevents it from coming out.
  • A special absorbent turns the liquid into a thick gel, like a filler in diapers for children. Due to this the skin always remains dry, it does not irritate.
  • Adhesive elements firmly hold the gasket on the underwear.
  • The molecular component helps the unpleasant odor to be neutralized, remaining inside.
  • Side cuffs are used to protect against sudden leakage.
  • The soft top layer does not rub the skin.
  • The thinness of the product makes its use absolutely imperceptible.
  • Pads have passed qualitative dermatological research, and therefore can be used without fear from the sick.


Urological pads for women "Molimed"are issued in several variations. They differ in the ability to absorb liquid. The size of the mini is used for the mildest degree of urination disorder. Often faced with this are pregnant girls. The enlarged uterus presses on the bladder, causing involuntary discharge of urine. Outwardly, they are very reminiscent of daily gaskets. Made of environmentally friendly raw materials, these hygiene products do not allow penetrating microbes, providing antibacterial effect.

"Molimed" - pads that can be used during the menopause or in the last days of menstruation.

Produced in packages of 28 or 14 pieces.

urological pads for women molimed

Midi size products can absorb an average amount of liquid. They are actively used by newly-born women and those who suffer from incontinence.

Maxi are in demand with those who do not alwayscan control the process of urination. They have excellent absorbency, while not leaking and masking the smell. Especially good are such pads at night, when the urine is difficult to keep under control.

urological pads women's molyomed

Women's pads «Molimed»: reviews

These hygiene products are very well answered. According to buyers, pads qualitatively fulfill their main function - protection from incontinence.

Even women with sensitive skin noted that they had never experienced irritation. In intimate places it is especially tender and prone to allergic rashes.

The gaskets do not have a sharp odor, they fit tightly to the body. Due to the wide adhesive tape, one can not worry that the filled product will begin to slide in different directions.

Many people say that they use "Molimed" (urological pads) after an operative vaginal intervention. These funds are much more reliable than those used for menstruation.

women's molimed pads

The maxi product can absorb more than 700 ml of liquid, so do not worry if involuntary urination occurred, for example, in transport.


Those who first encountered enuresis, are wondering how to properly use such gaskets.

The first step is to determine the size,which you have to buy. If urination occurs regularly, it is better not to take risks and use large pads. In the case when you suffer only a small leak, the finest will suit.

In addition, gaskets require regular replacement. After each urination, it is necessary to throw out the used remedy and paste new. If this is not done, there is a risk of getting skin irritation from urine.

The gasket must be properly attached to the underwear. The adhesive strip should adhere exactly, and the side cuffs - tightly hold it.

Following these simple recommendations, you will be reliably protected from unpleasant incontinence situations.


mothad urological pads

"Molimed" - gaskets, actively usedwomen not only with enuresis, but also with gynecological problems. The manufacturer took care to develop several of their types, depending on the absorbency.

The advantage is that they are absolutely invisible under clothing. Use such pads can even those who are prone to various skin allergic reactions.

The main thing is to remember the correct application and regular change.

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