Headache in the area of ​​the temples and forehead: treatment with folk remedies


Millions of people in all corners of our planetfrom time to time complain that they have a headache in the area of ​​the temples and forehead or in the back of the head. These unpleasant sensations are different. They range from a mild attack to unbearable pain. Sometimes such symptoms pass by themselves. But most often people take medications or resort to advice of traditional medicine.


Headache in the temples and forehead, as well as in the back of the head, is an unpleasant sensation in the skull. It appears with various painful conditions

headache in the temples and forehead
Headache in the region of the temples and forehead, as well as inthe nape is caused by irritation of the nerve endings in the cranial cavity, as well as in the soft tissue of the face and head. Such feelings are very common in humans. Often they disturb even perfectly healthy people.

Why do headaches occur in the forehead and temples? The causes of such phenomena can be covered in:

- concomitant diseases of internal organs;
- infections;
- poisoning the body;
- head injuries;
- pathologies of mental and nervous nature.

Why still have headaches in the forehead areaand temples? Their causes are often covered in violations of intracranial pressure (as happens with migraine), as well as excess or stagnation of blood, which takes place in the brain. Similar symptoms accompany hypertension. Headaches in the temples and forehead can occur with anemia of the brain. The appearance of such symptoms contributes to the violation of the integrity of blood vessels. In the pathologies of this structure, blood enters the brain not in its full volume, which causes disruptions in the supply of this body with food and oxygen. The headache in the temples and forehead is the response of the body to this situation. The brain, sending impulses along the nerve endings, causes a person uncomfortable sensations.

There are a great many pathologies thatprovoke headaches in the forehead and temples. The most common of these are arteritis, ischemic disease and migraine. They cause pain, accompanied by nausea and dizziness, as well as loss of concentration. In this situation, a person is not capable of thinking, because it, as a rule, exacerbates pathological symptoms.

Headaches in the forehead and temples appear as a side effect of sore throats, flu and ARVI. Such uncomfortable sensations are signs of a frontitis and a genyantritis.

Provokes headaches and our today's imagelife. A modern person spends a lot of time at the computer and watching TV. In this case, his body takes a position that violates the correct posture. Such adjustments to the natural posture of a person cause long-term stress on many muscle groups. As a result, the blood vessels of the cervical region suffer, which causes feelings of discomfort. There are also pain in the head due to stressful situations and excessive physical exertion.

In what else can the causes of such conditions be hidden? Pain in the temporal and frontal zone often appears as a consequence of head injuries. Often they accompany dental pathologies, allergies and sinusitis.

headaches in forehead and temples causes
The development of this ailment is often due to the existing problems of the nervous system. Such pathology requires treatment under the supervision of a doctor, as it can grow into a nervous one.

Headaches in the forehead and temples, anddizziness are symptoms of many pathologies. Among such ailments, diseases of the vestibular apparatus and ear, osteochondrosis and reduced blood pressure, psychogenic disorders and cerebral circulation disorders.

In addition to the factors listed above,are associated with the dysfunction of the human body, the formation of pain affects a certain food. This is because some products include gluatomonatonas, which is a source of pain. It is bacon and canned soups, roasted nuts and Chinese cuisine, smoked fish, sauces and hot dogs.

Some causes of headaches in women

Often uncomfortable sensations occur in theexpectant mothers. Headaches in the forehead and temples in pregnant women are associated with migraine manifestations. Similar pathologies are accompanied by digestive disorders and visual impairment. Provoke a headache in pregnant women can and some food. Among them are chocolate, cheese and citrus fruits. Future moms are often bothered by unpleasant odors, weather changes, annoying noise, overwork, a rhythmically flashing light bulb.

Provokes pregnant women with headaches in the areaforehead and temples reduced pressure caused by early toxicosis. Often, this condition accompanies a woman in the first trimester of pregnancy. Elevated blood pressure is also an alarming symptom. Sometimes it signals a late toxicosis.

headaches in the forehead and temples treatment useful products
The causes of pain in the zone of the temples and foreheadsometimes internal processes occurring in the female body. This is menopause and menstruation, as well as hormonal changes. With such conditions, the emerging headaches are aching and dull. This causes a general irritation in the woman.

Headaches in forehead and temples, temperature37 and the complete absence of any other complaints are sometimes the first signs of pregnancy in women. Such signs during the first twelve weeks are considered normal and go without the use of medications. A similar condition is associated with the effect of an increasing hormonal background on the center of thermoregulation.

Problems of childhood

A frequent headache in the forehead and temples,which the child complains of, causes concern among parents. But in most cases, these unpleasant feelings appear in children due to fatigue. Overloading of their still fragile nervous system is often due to conflictual relations, festive events, impressionable days, school hours and other active activities. It is for these reasons that headaches often occur in the forehead and temples of children.
Such symptoms can appear as a result of this or that complex. So, constant pains can accompany a full child, embarrassed by his figure in front of peers.

headaches in the forehead and temples
With frequent repetition of uncomfortable sensationsthe child should be taken to a doctor. Sometimes headaches become a consequence of bruises, concussions and other pathologies. Parents should trust the diagnosis of such a condition to a specialist, since it is unlikely to find the cause of an unpleasant syndrome independently.


What to do if you have a headache in the areatemples and forehead? Treatment of this uncomfortable state is offered by folk medicine. One of the unconventional ways to eliminate unpleasant symptoms is aromatherapy. Of course, doctors will not recommend such methods to their patients, but practice compels them to reckon with them.

For example, during the Second World War, whenFrench hospitals lacked antibiotics, and essential aromatic oils were used to treat wounded doctors. The effect of these procedures was completely unexpected for doctors. Essential oils remarkably suppressed the effect of a wide variety of infections. Today it is already proved that some aromas can heal many pathologies, including headache. So, unpleasant sensations subside or even pass, if the patient inhales odors, which emits mint, lemon or lavender. A few drops of oils of these herbs can be rubbed into the area of ​​the temples. For the same procedure, mixtures from:

- ylang-ylang and geranium (2 drops of oil);
- lemon, pine and geranium (1: 3: 2);
- mint, rosemary and eucalyptus (2: 2: 3).

headaches in the forehead and temples of children
Before carrying out the procedure for rubbing the mixtureshould be preheated. If the headache is the result of severe overwork, then a good remedy for it will be a bath, flavored with the following essential oils:

- geranium, mint and orange (4: 4: 2);
- lavender, nutmeg and ylang-ylang (4: 2: 2), dissolved in a teaspoon of warm milk. The mixture is designed to take a cool bath.

Application of metals

What else are the headaches in the forehead andtemples? Treatment with folk remedies has long been done using copper. Coins from this metal must be applied to the frontal part and to the temples. Headache with this will cease in fifteen minutes.

However, it is worth remembering some warnings. Copper treatment is not suitable for everyone. That's why before starting the use of metal you need to conduct a small test. If the coin is "attracted" to a sore spot, then copper will have the desired effect. If not - it can harm the body.

Unusual means

There are some simple but at the same time unusual ways to get rid of the pain in the head area. Here are some of them:

1. To eliminate unpleasant symptoms, you should lean your temple or forehead against a cold window. Glass neutralizes the electric charge accumulated in the skin, and eliminates discomfort.

2. From the headache child will help immortelle, sewn into the pillow. When the baby sleeps on it all night, weed should be brewed. The resulting broth should be used to wash his head.

3. Discomfortable sensations will help to remove a strip of woolen cloth about seven centimeters wide. She is tied to the frontal part, covering her eyebrows.

4. On the advice of Bulgarian healers, the headache should be made "potato hat." To do this, grate 1 kg of vegetable on a grater and mix the prepared gruel with 50 ml of fresh raw cow's milk. The mixture should settle for half an hour. Next, the drug should be squeezed and put a layer of 1 cm on a flap of fine cotton cloth, which is placed on the head. Top with a woolen hat. A similar procedure is performed for 1.5 hours before night sleep once every two days. According to the former patients, in 10 or 12 sessions even those pain that plague a person for a long period of time go away forever.

5. Traditional medicine recommends another rather unusual recipe. If you have a headache, you should warm the spoon in a glass of hot tea and lean it against the wing of the nose from the side of unpleasant sensations. As the spoon cools, the procedure is repeated. Further from the patient side, the ear lobe warms up in the same way, and then the tips of the fingers are lowered into the tea.


To relieve the headache, you should:

- Put a piece of woolen cloth, moistened in a mixture of vinegar and olive oil (in equal parts) to the forehead.

- Pribintovat to the forehead crumpled cabbage leaf, and juice of the vegetable spread on the depressions behind the ears and wrists.

- With prolonged uncomfortable sensationsit is necessary to use a solution of 2 parts of spoonfuls of chaga extract, dissolved in 150 ml of boiled water. Take the drug is recommended 3 times during the day for 30 minutes. before eating 1 tbsp. l. The course of treatment should be from 3 to 5 months.

- From the migraine, folk medicine men are recommended to make aloe vera in chicory juice and use this remedy with 30-150 ml.

A good remedy for headache is consideredvalerian. The roots of this healing herb in the amount of 20 grams should be filled with 1 glass of boiling water and then heated the mixture for 15 minutes in a water bath. After this, the drug is infused for ¾ hours and filtered. The resulting volume is brought to 200 ml. Take this herbal remedy three times during the day, half an hour before meals.

From the headache folk healers advisetake and cinnamon. Take it in the amount of 1 gram and pour 50 ml of hot water. The drug persists for half an hour, add a little sugar to it and take two sips with interruptions in one hour. Infusion of cinnamon can moisten a napkin, which to eliminate the headache is recommended to apply to the temples and to the forehead.

Using clay

This rock in former times is not uncommonwas used during severe epidemics. To preserve health, people used clay water. Used this breed and for the treatment of many ailments. Patients were referred to clay layers and coated them with this rock. After such procedures, people recovered.
How to use clay to eliminate pain inhead? To do this, you need to prepare a healing mixture. It should include 150 grams of clay and 50 milliliters of water. These ingredients are mixed, put them on cheesecloth and apply a compress on the entire forehead (from the temple to the temple). The duration of the procedure should be 20 minutes. The course of such therapy is 1 month.

headaches of the forehead and temples region 37
You can also mix clays (100 g) with 2 tbsp. spoons of infused mint leaves, fill ingredients with half a glass of boiling water. The thoroughly mixed mixture is applied to a gauze pad and applied as a compress on the forehead and on the temples. Hold for 15 minutes.

Use of salt

The fact that the vapors of this mineral have ahealth effects on the body, people learned relatively recently. Only in the 19th century, sanatoriums began to be built on the territory of salt mines, in which procedures for halotherapy for patients suffering from neuroses, asthma and other similar ailments were carried out. Use this healing mineral advise us and folk medicine men. So, to eliminate pain in the head, you can prepare:

- Salt compress (1 tablespoon per 500 mg of water). To eliminate the headache in the resulting solution, a woolen cloth is wetted, which should be tied to the waist, shrouded in something warm from above.

- Saline solution (1 tbsp. salt of stone for 1 liter of water), which is mixed with 100 ml of ammonia and 10 g of camphor oil. The resulting drug should be shaken until all impurities disappear completely. With headaches, this mixture is heated, moistened with a head, tied with a warm kerchief and sleep with this compress all night.

Healthy foods

Health promotion can be achieved bydiet food that has the "right" chemical composition. What kind of folk medicine recommends in order to eliminate headaches in the forehead and temples treatment? Useful foods that should be consumed must act on certain areas of the brain. In the composition of these healing gifts of nature:

1. Spinach. This vegetable contains wonderful vitamins belonging to group B, which maintain the normal state of the circulatory and nervous system.

2. Sesame seeds and pumpkin seeds. The first of them are rich in calcium, necessary for normal brain function, as well as vitamin E, which removes migraine in women during the menstrual cycle. In pumpkin seeds are a lot of zinc, magnesium and phosphorus, which have an antispasmodic effect.

3. Black tea and coffee. In moderate amounts, these drinks narrow the blood vessels, fight spasms and eliminate fluctuations in blood pressure, which is very useful for the elimination of headaches.

4. Potatoes. This root is a true potassium deposit, which stabilizes blood pressure and exerts an antispasmodic effect.

5. Burning spices. Cayenne pepper, chili and ginger are especially useful for headaches.

headaches in the forehead and temples and dizziness
6. Almonds. This product is a source of magnesium and vitamin B2.

7. Watermelon. This huge sweet berry saves a person from dehydration, which sometimes causes pain in the head.

8. Melon cantapup.In it not only a lot of water, but also trace elements such as magnesium and potassium. In addition, the melon pulp stabilizes the blood glucose level, a low value of which also causes the pain in the head.

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