Physical activity. Its impact on human life.


Since birth, a person is constantly inmovement. Let the kid make and simple movements, but they give him the opportunity to develop, constantly becoming more complex. Thanks to the movement, the child learns the world and even improves intellectually.

In recent years, the lack of movement andhypodynamia has become a real scourge of urban residents. Sedentary life, constant work and a lot of time spent on the Internet, make people spend a lot of time in office chairs, and coming home after a busy and nervous work day, lie down on the couches in front of TVs, in an attempt to relax and escape from stress. But stress in this way is not expelled from the body, so it only settles even deeper in the body, waiting for a convenient opportunity to go outside in the form of nervous breakdowns and bad mood. Motor activity is necessary for a person for a full life and stress resistance, because as a result of motor "starvation" in the body, energy metabolism is violated and digestion of fats is broken, thereby enabling the growth of harmful cholesterol in the blood provoking atherosclerosis and other vascular diseases.

Motor activity gives the joy of life andforms a positive outlook on life, and its absence disrupts the metabolism and reduces the supply of internal organs and muscles with oxygen. The heart decreases in size as a result of the lack of the necessary load, and it is dangerous for his various diseases - a heart attack, various carditis.

The bone system also changes: the bones become thin due to the fact that calcium is washed into the blood. This condition is fraught with the development of osteoporosis. Teeth begin to decay, the likelihood of blood clots and kidney stones increases. In general, the absence in life of a person of such an essential component as motor activity, poses a threat to health. The organism is easily exposed to infections, exacerbation of diseases taking place in chronic form, the person becomes irritable and tired, there are problems with sleep and memory.

The human motor system is designed forpermanent physical activity, and their absence excludes such a concept as a full-fledged life. Even a simple morning gymnastics brings the muscles of the body into tonus, so you need to force yourself to at least warm up in the morning. Each person, by virtue of his age and physical abilities, can choose a suitable mode of physical activity that is suitable for him. It is not necessary to engage in heavy and fast sports, which are especially traumatic, there will be enough quiet Pilates classes, for example, a couple of times a week.

Motor activity implies suchsimple components, like walking the stairs, going to work and shopping on foot. Every day you need to increase the distance traveled, then with time, shortness of breath and fatigue will pass unnoticed from your life. Gradually, to the morning exercises and walking, you can add stretching exercises for joint flexibility at least once a week. Stretching can be done at any convenient time. Such exercises develop joints and stretch muscles, making movements and gait especially beautiful and smooth.

Developed motor qualities contribute toacquiring and restoring health and mobility of joints. This way of life noticeably improves it and prolongs a person's youth. Therefore, do not give up the move in favor of lying on the couch - so you will always be in good physical shape and have a great mood, pleasing your sincere smile around.

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