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The bear's bile is produced by the animal's liver. This fluid has found wide application in medicine as a means that can save a person from a number of diseases. After all, its composition contains a huge amount of necessary components for the body. Today we will talk, in which cases can not use such a tool as bear bile, application, reviews about this medicine, too, will not be left without attention. And let's look at several ways to prepare healing tinctures from it, depending on what disease is to be treated.

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When should I use it?

Bear bile, the preparation of which may seem a complicated undertaking, is often used for such diseases:

- Malignant tumors of the liver and pancreas.

- Stomach ulcer.

- Arthritis.

- Pancreatitis.

- Diabetes.

- Diseases of the eyes (cataracts, astigmatism, nearsightedness).

- Problems with the liver and kidneys.

- Epilepsy.

- Metabolic disease.

- Alcoholism, etc.

Medication for the treatment of hepatitis, endometriosis

Tincture of bear bile can be used to eliminate these diseases. By the way, you can prepare this medicine yourself, for this you need to know the proportions and rules of reception:

  1. It is necessary to grind 25 g of bile in a coffee grinder and pour the resulting mass of 0.5 liters of vodka.
  2. The mixture should be infused for 1 month at room temperature. In this case, you need to shake the container daily with the contents.
  3. At the end of the time, you can taketincture. In this case, you should eat it three times a day for 1 hour before eating, without washing down. If the weight of the patient is up to 80 kg, then it will be enough for him to have 1 teaspoon of funds for 1 reception. If the person is more than this value, then 1 tablespoon.

Elimination of cancer

Bear bile with oncology too canused, and people resort to this method in order to save their lives. In this case, the substance is able to slow down the growth of cancer cells. It is bearish bile recommended for oncological diseases of the liver and pancreas, even in the last stages with metastases. In this case, the agent can be combined without problems with other methods of treatment, for example, with chemotherapy. If a patient has a malignant liver tumor, then an alcohol tincture with this substance is usually taken. If a person has a liver, then you need to use an aqueous solution.

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Effective against alcoholism

Treatment of bearish bile of such a problem is very valuable, since drugs on an alcohol basis with such a disease are simply contraindicated. For cooking tincture you need:

  1. Cut a small piece and grind it using a mortar or coffee grinder for this.
  2. Half a teaspoon of chopped bile should be poured into 100 ml of warm boiled water. Stir well until the moment the contents dissolve.

This tincture should be taken 1 or 2 times a day for 10 ml for half an hour before meals. Thus water after the use of a medicine to drink it is impossible. The duration of such a course is usually 4 months.

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Bear bile, the reviews of which, of course, are quite contradictory, you can not use the following categories of persons:

- Women in position.

- Breastfeeding mothers.

- People who have been diagnosed with tuberculosis.

- In case of individual intolerance to this remedy.

Bearish bile application reviews

Bear bile: application, patients' reviews

Response of patients regarding this remedy formost of them are positive. People do note that this medicine can safely get rid of a number of diseases. So, some write that with the help of bear bile they forgot about such ailments as pancreatitis, stomach ulcers, overcome alcohol dependence. Patients ceased to suffer pain in the abdomen and in the left side, their health improved, and against this background the mood rose. Also, people write that due to the treatment with bile, the metabolism has returned to normal. And those patients who suffered from memory problems were physically passive, now they began to remember things and facts perfectly, and also became stronger, healthier and more active.

As for oncology, everything, of course, is more vague andvague. The fact is that the responses of cancer patients or people whose relatives were affected by this ailment are hard to come across. And those who had the experience of treating cancer with this remedy, write only that only in complex therapy they overcame the problem. That is, the patient underwent courses of chemotherapy and radiotherapy in parallel. And along with this, I also used bear bile. And only in a combination it was possible to win such terrible illness, as a cancer of a liver and a pancreas. But whether the cancer of such a drug as bear bile helped to win, the application, reviews do not indicate. Therefore, to engage in self-medication is not worth it, you do not need to think that this is a panacea. It is better to go to the doctor and consult him. And if the specialist gives good, then you can easily get this medicine.

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Opinions of doctors

Bearish bile reviews of specialists receiveambiguous. So, some doctors say that this medicine really helps in the treatment of diseases such as stomach ulcer, pancreatitis, alcoholism, etc. Also experts say that with the help of bear bile wounds heal faster, burns, cuts. Some doctors prescribe prescriptions, which contain this component, for the treatment of impotence and prostatitis.

Other specialists are skeptical aboutsuch a medicine as bear bile. Reviews of doubtful nature are often left by oncologists. These doctors do not believe that an ordinary tincture with a bearish bile can independently kill cancerous tumors in the liver. Only qualified care of oncologists, surgeons can save a patient's life. But, as doctors say, if a person who has been diagnosed with cancer hopes and believes in miraculous properties of bear bile, then so be it, let it be treated for its own comfort and in the hope of recovery. But under one condition: therapy should go in parallel with a standard scheme, such as irradiation, surgery, etc.

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Bear's bile: the price of the remedy

The cost of this miracle cure to manywill not be affordable. But not only the price will grieve potential buyers. The fact that in pharmacies to find this tool is extremely difficult. Basically, this medicine is purchased from real bear hunters, from companies that specialize in the production of such products for health.

Bearish bile, the price of which sometimes reachesunimaginable figures, is sold as a weight, and in capsules, banks. So, the cost of 10 grams of money for weighting - about 4 thousand rubles. For 250 ml of tincture from bear bile should be given about 5 thousand rubles. And for 10 capsules you also need to pay 5 thousand rubles. Prices, it is possible to say, are cosmic, however, as consumers and sellers assure, it's worth it.

Doubtful acquisition

If you buy a bear bile in a pharmacy -really a real problem, then buying it on the Internet is a trifling matter. And, by the way, this means is sold not only to companies that have licenses, but also private individuals. Unfortunately, not everyone can buy a quality product.

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There are many scams that sellfake goods, the healing properties of which you do not need to say. Therefore, in order not to fall for the tricks of swindlers, it should be possible to buy bear bile in the pharmacy. If it is not there, then you should look at more than one site, find out if the organization has any documents for sale, certificates, etc. And one more important point: not always bearish bile, positive feedback about which is posted on the seller's website , is a real product. The fact is that such responses may simply be implausible, they are written by the sellers themselves. So do not be guided by these tricks. After all, if you get a fake, then what kind of curative effect can it be then! And if the seller incorrectly prepared the setting out of bearish bile, then for the buyer such a product can eventually become a real poison, and this, in turn, will cause other health problems. You are treated only with the proven medications prescribed by the doctor.

Now you know everything about such a tool asbear bile: application, reviews about it, contraindications. They understood that it is necessary to buy this medicine only in trusted places, since there is a great chance to acquire a fake. But if you're lucky, and you're on a bona fide seller who uses the right technology to make tincture from bearish bile, do not rush to use it immediately. First, go to the doctor and consult with him about the possible treatment with this remedy.

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