The drug "Topicrem" for children and adults


Cream "Topicrem" for children and adultsit is recommended as a moisturizer. The drug contributes to the restoration of the water-fat balance. The duration of the drug "Topicrem" (emulsion) - a day after a single application. During this time, a stable moisturizing effect is maintained. The product is intended for dry and very dry (dehydrated) skin.

The drug has the ability to quickly penetrate the skin, while creating a feeling of softness and eliminating discomfort.

"Topicrem" for children and adultsis prescribed for keratoses of all kinds, ichthyosis, psoriasis, atopic dermatitis. Indications include senile and constitutional dryness of the skin, as well as dehydration of the vein as a result of corticosteroid therapy.

Apply the drug "Topicrem" instruction recommends once a day. In severe skin conditions, on the recommendation of a doctor, two times a day is allowed.

"Topicrem" for children and adultseffective in atopic dermatitis. This disease, as is known, is accompanied by an excruciating itch, which can be intensified under the influence of various provoking factors (under stress, contact with synthetic or wool clothing, at temperature changes and so on). Children often comb their skin, this, in turn, leads to the formation of microcracks cover, through which the infection freely penetrates. Rashes can develop on completely different areas of the body and face: the neck, the folds of the legs and arms, wrists.

As is known, in the tissues of the skin is containedup to seventy percent of the water. Inflammatory processes against the background of allergic manifestations lead to rapid dehydration of the skin. In this regard, proper care is an important factor that provides protection from irritating effects.

The drug "Topicrem" for children and adults withAtopic dermatitis is considered to be the most effective remedy. The medicine is a highly effective hypoallergenic moisturizing cream that does not contain hormones.

Urea, included in the composition of the emulsion, ensures the attraction of moisture to the cover. Thus, dehydration of the skin is prevented.

The undoubted advantage of "Topicrem" is its prolonged (prolonged) action. The drug, in addition, does not leave greasy stains on clothes, does not create a fat shine on the face.

With the constant use of moisturizing emulsion"Topicrem" as a supporting agent marked a significant improvement in the state of the entire skin. The drug allows for a long time to provide remission (decrease in activity) of the disease.

As practice shows and clinical observations, the drug "Topicrem" is tolerated by patients of different ages well. The drug does not cause irritation, burning or itching of the skin.

Medication "Topicrem" was dermatologicallyhypoallergenic testing. The drug does not provoke the formation of acne, does not cause blockage of the sebaceous glands. Thus, dermatologists recommend the use of a moisturizing emulsion as a supportive agent for the skin of patients from an early age.

The drug is effective for alleviating skin allergy symptoms in areas of edema, redness, or densification.

Cream "Topicrem" can be used by all family members as a means to care for the skin of the body and face, dehydrated due to the influence of detergents or unfavorable weather conditions.

Despite a sufficiently large number of positive reviews about the drug, before using it, you need to visit a doctor. It is also recommended to carefully study the annotation to the tool.

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