Harm meat for humans


Meat is a fairly common product used by the average person. Of course, it is proved not only unconditional benefit, but also the harm of meat with constant use.

Since ancient times, meat is the main sourcenutrition, which enriches the body with various nutrients necessary for normal human activity. Therefore, one of the first occupations of the ancient man was hunting, followed by the preparation of animal meat (game, pork, beef, horse meat, rabbit, etc.).

Even the modern variety of fooddid not become a reason for people to stop eating meat. Benefits and harms are still a contentious issue, as every researcher or doctor has his point of view, which is confirmed by scientific facts.

Of course, the main benefit of meat isthat it is a source of protein, which in turn fulfills the function of replenishing energy, and also replenishes the macro- and micronutrient (enrichment with iron, zinc) human need. But the benefits and harms of meat largely depend on its origin and variety.

For example, pork contains vitamins B,iron, zinc, but many consider pork to be unclean meat, since the animal is omnivorous and undemanding in food. Beef neutralizes hydrochloric acid, which is the cause of increased acidity of the intestine. But the harm of meat lies in the fact that animals are constantly vaccinated, injected with various antibiotics, which, of course, fall not only in milk, but in all parts of the animal's body, in particular, in meat. Benefits of mutton - the content of vitamin B, potassium, iron, iodine, magnesium. But meat is not recommended for people with musculoskeletal disorders and with bone and joint diseases, since the surface of the ram bones is "rich" with bacteria that contribute to the development of arthrosis and arthritis. Rabbit is a storehouse of vitamins B and C, as well as various minerals (nicotinic acid, manganese, zinc, forfor, iron, cobalt, etc.). Low caloric content of the product allows you to include it in the menu, even for people who refuse to eat meat due to high fat content.

But the harm of this species is that in itthere are purine bases, which in the future are converted into uric acid in the body. Reduce the content of harmful bases can be by prolonged heat treatment, systematically changing the water. Chicken meat is rich in vitamins A, B and E, does not contain a lot of fat. But like cattle, the chicken periodically undergoes vaccination, and various hormones and antibiotics are injected into it for an accelerated growth process.

As a rule, many people can not live withoutmeat. For them it is recommended to reduce consumption and volumes of daily eaten meat. It is advisable to combine meat products with vegetable dishes, as in this case there is an improved perception and assimilation by the body. As an experiment, you can try at least once a week to completely abandon the meat. A positive effect is the unloading of the body from a sufficiently heavy food product.

Very often the harm of meat is tied to its wrongprocessing. For example, when cooking in the broth, harmful substances remain that adversely affect the state of the human body. Fried meat can be consumed extremely rarely, since in the resulting crispy crust accumulate harmful elements with a carcinogen, which appear when the oil is heated. The optimal options for cooking meat dishes are quenching, cooking or baking with the use of quality products. Do not abuse the amount of meat consumed, so as not to harm your body in the future.

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