Moscow City Polyclinic №170: photos and reviews


The main objective of the city polyclinic170 considers providing general and specialized medical care to people of all ages, reducing the incidence of morbidity and improving the quality of medical services in the city of Moscow. Today, the city polyclinic 170 - is a new building, spacious, bright rooms, highly professional medical staff.

History of polyclinic

polyclinic 170

The city polyclinic 170 was reorganized,the base of polyclinics 101, 211 and 85 of the Chertanovo-Yuzhnoye district. Since 2012, the polyclinic began to function as an independent structural unit, which simultaneously took the start on the way to implementing the principles of family medicine.

170 the polyclinic rendersOut-patient and out-patient care in 30 specialties. Primary care is provided by district and family doctors at many medical stations. In the last two years, the opportunity to render specialized care has significantly increased due to the introduction of endoscopic methods of surgical treatment, the introduction of a neurosurgical base.

With the introduction of neurosurgicaldepartments began to receive help from all patients. The tendency to increase the level of specialized care can be demonstrated by the work of the cardiology department. Neurosurgical, surgical, neurological and other departments demonstrate good results. Therefore, reviews of polyclinic 170 from all patients receive only positive.

The purpose and main directions of the polyclinic

The main activities of the clinic are:

  • prevention of diseases;
  • implementation of recreational activities;
  • providing consultative and practical medical assistance to the population;
  • provision of assistance: inpatient, outpatient and home care;
  • medical practice;
  • carrying out of medical examinations of invalidity of patients;
  • carrying out activities aimed at maintaining the state of constant readiness of the population protection system in the event of a natural disaster, epidemics, industrial accidents;
  • improving the system of medical care.

170 polyclinic

Structure of the polyclinic

The structure of the polyclinic includes:

  • Department of preventive medical examination;
  • therapeutic department;
  • Department of Rehabilitation;
  • physiotherapeutic room;
  • X-ray room;
  • endoscopy room;
  • an ultrasound room;
  • clinical laboratory;

Surgical, traumatological,neurological, endocrinological, otolaryngological, ophthalmologic, infectious, gynecological, functional diagnostics, cardiological - these are cabinets that have 170 polyclinics in their composition.

Schedule of doctors. Addresses and branches

Reception in polyclinic 170 is carried out:

  • From Monday to Friday - from 08.00 to 20.00.
  • Saturday from 09.00 to 18.00.
  • Sunday is from 09.00 to 16.00.

Address of the main building: 170 polyclinic, Podolsky cadets street, 2, building 2.


  • Polyclinic №170 (branch 1): Chertanovskaya street, 64, building 1.
  • Polyclinic 170 (branch 2): Varshavskoe shosse, 148, building 1.
  • 170th polyclinic (branch 3): Gazoprovod street, 11.

Addresses of therapeutic departments, which includes 170 polyclinics:

  • street Podolsk cadets: 2-1, 4, 6, 8, 12, 14, 16, 18-1;
  • Red Lighthouse street: 1, 3;
  • Warsaw Highway: 131, 142, 144;
  • Kirovogradskaya street: 17, 19, 28, 30, 32;
  • 3-rd Road travel: 1, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10;
  • Rossoshansky travel: 2, 4, 5.

Administration of the institution

170 polyclinic street Podolsky cadets

Operational management of the city polyclinic 170 is performed by the head physician. His office is located at: Moscow, polyclinic 170, (Podolsk cadets street, house 2, building 2).

The head physician enters into contracts, establishesstructure of management and staffing, dismisses and hires personnel, concludes contracts and labor agreements with them, organizes and carries out activities related to accounting of those who are liable for civil defense. He is also responsible for the activities of the clinic, the safety of property and funds, compliance with sanitary norms and rules for the operation of equipment.

Control over the activity of a polyclinicThe executive body is the Health Department of the Moscow City Duma. The powers of the labor collective are realized by the general meeting (conference) by concluding a collective agreement with the administration. Contracts and contracts on behalf of the polyclinic are concluded by the chief doctor of the polyclinic or by another person who replaces it, they are registered in writing and are sealed with the seal of the polyclinic.

Therapeutic department

170 policlinic doctors

Therapeutic department of the municipalpolyclinic 170 provides the population with decent and timely assistance. A therapeutic solution of health problems at a modern scientific level has been organized. Close cooperation has been established with the cardiological center, the cardiosurgical department of the clinical hospital.

Functioning of the therapeutic departmentallows to conduct curation of patients with complex combined pathology of internal organs, makes it possible to establish the leading link in the pathogenesis of the disease. The protocols for diagnosis and treatment of virus-associated diseases of internal organs, collagenoses, allergic diseases, hypo-immune states, urgent conditions in the clinic of internal diseases, as well as algorithms for differentiated pathogenetic therapy of various forms of chronic pancreatitis, hepatic encephalopathy have been introduced.

Successfully the diseases are first diagnosed andconditions that are rarely found in clinical practice: botulism, thyrotoxic crisis, leptospirosis, lymphoma, myeloma. The department provides qualified therapeutic help to the elderly on the basis of scientific developments of the Institute of Gerontology and Geriatrics. Patients with inadequate social protection are 90% treated at the expense of budgetary funds.

Specialized Care Department

The intensive care unit assists patients with such pathologies:

  • severe condition after general operations;
  • neurological diseases with violation of respiratory functions;
  • acute respiratory failure (pneumonia, pulmonary edema);
  • shocks of any etiology;
  • acute renal and adrenal insufficiency;
  • asthmatic status;

The resuscitation service is provided:

1. Modern anesthesia-respiratory apparatus.

2. The newest monitors, among which:

  • cardiac monitors;
  • pulse oximeters;
  • electrocardiographs.

Urological department

reviews polyclinic 170

The department has enough medicines forassistance and for routine and urgent anesthesia. The department is equipped with all modern devices for minimally invasive (endoscopic) interventions, including laparoscopy, endoscopy of the upper and lower urinary tract. In the department there are 2 ultrasound devices, X-ray room, there is a full range of endoscopic equipment for examination of the bladder, ureters and kidneys.

The unit has an urodynamicStudies for the examination of patients with disorders of urination (incontinence, neurological causes). Most of the doctors of the department passed an internship in leading clinics. To date, the department performs the full range of modern open and endoscopic surgical interventions for the treatment of urological diseases.

Clinical diagnostic laboratory (CDL)

Located on the ground floor indoorsconsultative and diagnostic center. The staff of KDL are specialists with medical higher and biological education, as well as specialists with secondary medical education.

KDL allows the following biochemical studies (blood serum):

  • enzymatic AsAs, ALT, amylase, GGT, alkaline phosphatosis;
  • bilirubin and its fractions;
  • total protein;
  • electrolytes (K, Cl, Na);
  • blood glucose and so on.

Identify HIV infection:

  • cytomegalovirus;
  • toxoplasmosis;
  • herpes virus 1 and 2 types;
  • chlamydia.

Department of functional diagnostics

170 polyclinic doctors schedule

The department is fully staffed by allnecessary doctors-specialists who have passed courses on occupational diseases. And the department is equipped with all necessary equipment and equipment.

Psychiatric and narcological examination with170 polyclinics also provide certificates. Doctors work together well and professionally. During the detection of diseases with subsequent treatment, it is possible to maintain the working capacity of the population and prevent complications. For this purpose, conditions for medical examinations without queues have been created, so-called "green corridors" - fixed time for fluorographic, bacteriological examination and testing.

Fighting AIDS

  1. Polyclinic 170 carries out work on the prevention of AIDS in the administrative territory, serviced including. by providing voluntary testing services (VCT).
  2. In the hospital, it is possible to conduct counseling about HIV during each treatment, incl. for the testing service.
  3. In a polyclinic can send patients, in the case of(AIDS centers, outpatient clinics, hospitals, laboratories), depending on the level of examination determined by the physician.
  4. In the hospital are conductedorganizational and methodological work, clinical and epidemiological examination of registered cases of HIV infection, consultative, therapeutic and diagnostic and out-of-hospital care is provided to HIV-infected people.
  5. The polyclinic ensures coordination andensuring interaction with other state, municipal institutions, organizations and institutions of other forms of ownership, associations of citizens to provide AIDS patients in the served territory.
  6. The hospital attracts public organizations,first of all, the cells of the network of people living with HIV, to provide counseling services, motivate treatment, provide community-based care to AIDS patients, initiate the organization of self-help groups and mutual help.
  7. Polyclinic 170 cooperates withcenters of health, family planning, cells of the Red Cross Society, religious communities and other organizations, institutions of all forms of ownership and associations of citizens to ensure the comprehensive provision of care for HIV-infected people.

Economic, economic, social activities of the polyclinic

city ​​policlinic 170

The polyclinic is an independent subject. It determines the development prospects by its activity, proceeding from the needs of providing medical services to the population, according to the plans of the highest health authorities. The clinic, when preparing its economic development plan, agrees with the City Duma measures that can cause economic, social and other consequences that violate the interests of the population and is responsible for implementing the consequences of its activities.

In order to achieve its goal and accomplish its tasks, polyclinic 170:

  1. Concludes on his behalf a diverse kind of civil-law transactions.
  2. Independently spends its funds, determines the direction of use of budget funds remaining at the disposal of the polyclinic.

Rights and duties of patients in the polyclinic 170

Patients have the right:

  1. Provide informed consent to any medical intervention.
  2. Refusal to participate in experimental programs (clinical studies of medical products, new methods of treatment, etc.).
  3. Communicate with spiritual mentors regardless of religion (taking into account the mode of work of branches).
  4. Expression of complaints regarding care and treatment.

Duties of patients:

  1. Follow the internal regulations of the hospital. Adhere to a healthy lifestyle, do not drink alcohol, psychotropic and narcotic substances, do not smoke.
  2. Observe the rules of personal hygiene, be neat and polite.
  3. Do not disturb the rest in the office, do not make noise in conversations, radios, do not use mobile phones during medical and diagnostic procedures.
  4. Follow the doctor's recommendations and medical prescriptions.
  5. It is forbidden to take medicines that were not intended by the attending physician.

Patients' comments about the polyclinic

Neurosurgical, surgical, neurological and other departments demonstrate good results. Therefore, reviews of polyclinic 170 from all patients receive only positive.

A very good impression is made by a surgeon,head of the oncology department. Many people say that this is a doctor and a person with a capital letter. Also, patients mark gynecologists who perform their work extremely well.

170 polyclinic (Moscow) uses the newesttechnology, combined with a wonderful attitude of doctors, they can achieve an early victory over various ailments. Many people say that it is always pleasant to go to a polyclinic, a visit to a doctor is not something negative, because the neatness, cleanliness, courtesy of the staff is very conducive to this. By the way, all patients get into the clinic not by chance, people recommend each other to her!

Patients are pleasantly amazed by the cozy atmosphere andfriendly attitude of the polyclinic. Street Podolskih cadets, which must go to the treatment, it becomes for all the sick native. Many people who recovered for help in the treatment of illnesses, a good attitude, respect immeasurably grateful to the doctors.

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