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Violation of certain brain functions and behavioris a consequence of damage to the cerebral cortex. Individual parts of the brain are responsible for certain actions. Having ascertained what type of disturbance arose, it is easy to recognize the site and magnitude of the lesion. For example, the frontal lobes of the cerebral cortex are responsible for the motility of the movements and expressiveness in facial expressions and gestures.

Lobotomy is
Lobotomy is a surgical intervention in the cerebral cortex, which was previously used in psychiatry. Basically, such an operation was resorted to for the treatment of schizophrenia and depressive conditions.

The methodology was developed in the 1940s. The main principle of lobotomy is the division of the neural connections between the lower center of the brain and the frontal lobes by cutting them. Initially, such treatment of schizophrenia - lobotomy - the consequences were extremely disappointing, since mentally retarded patients lost the ultimate opportunity to a reasonable existence.

Lobotomy is a surgery that destroys the hard tissues of the brain, which are absolutely healthy. This operation does not bring relief to the patient, does not improve his physical condition.

Lobotomy Effects
Portuguese Egash Moniz has developed a method of lobotomyin 1935. She became the most popular psychosurgery. But to promote lobotomy was the American Walter J. Freeman, it was this psychiatrist who became famous. Performing his first operation, he used electroshock instead of anesthesia. Targeting the narrow end of the knife, designed for splitting ice, onto the osseous region of the eye cavity, he drove it into the brain with a surgical mallet. Then the fibers of the frontal lobe of the brain were cut off by the handle of the knife. After such an operation, the processes became irreversible. Later Freeman said that lobotomy is an operation, the result of which leads the patient into a zombie state. The fourth part of patients who underwent lobotomy became disabled, a pitiful likeness of domestic animals.

The number of transactions carried out since 1946for 1949 it increased tens of times. The number of surgical interventions made under the supervision of Freeman and personally conducted by him is about 3500. Traveling in America on his van, which he called nothing but a "lobotomobile", he proposed the operation as a miracle cure, arranging from this a theatrical performance with the invitation of the audience. Such trips to the media were called "Operation" knife for splitting ice ".

Shares of the brain

To reduce the expenditure of funds from the budget forthe maintenance of patients of psychiatric hospitals the psychiatric society insisted on the transition to lobotomy. So, in the state of Delaware, the head of such a hospital, under the influence of this propaganda, was going to reduce by 60 percent the number of patients and, having saved for the state 351 thousand dollars, go all the way to lobotomy.

But all the same lobotomy is a barbarous treatmentmentally ill people with severe interference in the cerebral cortex. With frivolous mental illnesses, after transferring the lobotomy, the patient acquired a disease that was not amenable to further treatment. We can say simply - on the mentally ill people put terrible experiments.

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